New SYNC Requests in Today!

Easy-going Pop for Social Campaign

Our client is seeking some classic, feel-good pop for a social media campaign they are working on. It needs to be hooky, playful, confident and upbeat. The campaign is targeting millennials, and they have asked for current songs that are not too Gen Z specific. The brand love the reference and we want to stick as close to this as possible so a clean, slick pop sound with a female vocal is ideal. We are also keen to explore the elements of disco in the song, so if you have any music to upload with a disco feel that would be great!

Reference: Dua Lipa –Dance The Night

Deadline: 1st July 2024 – Read More

Driving Electronic for Car Advert

Do you have any high energy songs that could really drive visuals forward? We are on the lookout for just that. We’ve been asked for songsthat feel like drivinga brand new car – cool, fastand fun! Our client’s non-negotiables are contemporary, lively and upbeat electronic music. Nothing gritty or gloomy, it needs to have a sense of fun. Although the reference is vocal heavy, this is not necessary and they would actually prefersongs that are less busy in this sense. As for lyrics, we just ask for no explicit language.

Reference: Santigold – GO! (Feat. Karen O)

Deadline: 1st July 2024 – APPLY

Quirky Songs for Tech Brand

For this campaign, our client wants high energy songs with an unusual edge, for example a distinctive vocal style or beat. Any quirk that will catch viewers’ attention is great! We want to avoid music that you would often hear in an advert, this campaign should be a nice surprise for the ears. The brand is interested in the sound of real instruments over interesting electronic production. They want to instruments to have varying dynamics to capture human emotion and experiences. It is important songs you upload have soul and are able to express this emotion but still feel upbeat overall.

Reference: Yma Sumac – Goomba Boomba (SILO X Martin Wave Remix)

Deadline: 24th June 2024 – Read More

Inspirational Songs for Sportswear Advert

This sportswear brand is on the search for songs with a motivational message. They want their campaign to push anyone watching to believe in themselves and inspire them to exercise. The music in the advert should be uplifting and, along with the visuals, ignite ambition in the younger generations. As the brand is focusing on young people, freshly released or unreleased songs are ideal. Lyrics that can spark hope for the future are key for this campaign! For example, lyrics about being on a journey, reaching potential or having further to go would work perfectly.

Reference: Intellexual – Popstar (feat. Liam Kazar & Benny Sings)

Deadline: 24th June 2024 – Read More

Fun and Fruity Alcohol Advert

This music search is for a fruity alcoholic drink campaign. The message of the advert is that this beverage brings life and a splash of colour to any gathering, whether it’s a wild party or a leisurely get-together. We want songs that do the same, songs that feel youthful and bright with a sense of fun – nothing too edgy, just upbeat and feel-good music! The contemporary dance/pop space would work best for this brief, genre-wise, but we are shying away from songs that feel very obviously clubby. Please upload songs that will appeal to young adults.

Reference: Young Franco – Juice (feat. Pell)

Deadline: 24th June 2024 – Read More