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Acoustic Instrumentals for Coffee Campaign

We are looking for instrumentals, with little – if any – vocals for this coffee brand’s short film.The film tells an emotive story of a developing friendship, so they want the music to touch audiencesand they think piano instrumentals are the best way to achieve this. Getting the tone right for this brief is the main concern. The brand wantmusic that is moving but not too sad, that feels hopeful but not overly positive. Our client has made clear that emotion within the music is the key aspectto focus on.

Reference: Bempeh – Call Me 

Deadline: 17th June 2024

Nostalgic Song for Podcast Intro

For the new season of this travel podcast, they want intro music that feels easy-going and inviting. Our client is set on the song having a nostalgic feel and specifically a sound of the 70s. This does not mean we can only pitch songs released during this era, it is just the vibe that is important. Minimal production would work best, we would like you to submit songs that feel raw and soft. The tone needs to be warm, relaxed and bright – like a holiday! Lyrics related to travelling, favourite places or memories could really set your song ahead for this pitch.

Reference: Laura Nyro, LaBelle – I Met Him On A Sunday

Deadline: 17th June 2024

Haunting Music for Horror Series

This spine-chilling thriller needs some equally creepy songs for its soundtrack. The client wants music that is as menacing and sinister as possible to keep viewers unsettled throughout. They want to avoid anything too stereotypical ‘horror’. This means no big builds and instead minimal, ominous production that will keep viewers on edge but not feel too predictable. They are also keen to explore options with religious or satanic elements, for example with choral chants or related lyrics. Instrumentals would work well for this brief however haunted vocals could help create a creepy feel.

Reference: “RAW” Trailer Music

Deadline: 10th June 2024

Edgy Scottish Artists for TV Show

This brief is for music to go under a casual evening scene set in Scotland and the production team want contemporary Scottish music only! Any vocals with a noticeable Scottish accent would be perfect. Genre-wise, they are pretty open, however they do want songs that feel gritty and raw so would prefer rock, grunge or indie options. It is essential the music is slow to mid tempo and doesn’t feel too dramatic, they would rather it be less intense than the reference track. We want to avoid anything that portrays strong emotion of any type.

Reference: The Ninth Wave – This Broken Design

Deadline: 10th June 2024

Girl-Power Pop for Club Scene

Our client wants pop songs that ooze confidence, feel bold, and have a hint of playfulness. The kind of songs that would make women feel good about themselves dancing in the club! Any sub-genre within pop music would work, good examples being hyper pop or commercial dance music. Predictably, our client only wants female vocals for this spot and also no explicit lyrical themes. The main emphasis of this brief is on female empowerment and high self-esteem, so any music we pitch needs to give the women in the scene a cool and fearless vibe.

Reference: Piece of Me – Britney Spears

Deadline: 10th June 2024

Fresh Female Talent for Perfume Ad
For this perfume campaign we need music as fresh as the scent! This brief asks for a cool up-and-coming female artist – or band with female vocals – with a soft and youthful sound. It is important that she has a chill and relaxed vibe but can still energise the visuals. It should feel raw and new whilst also having a vintage tinge or influence. The music and lyrics should feel positive overall, our client definitely does not want any melancholy or explicit themes. Any lyrics about the outdoors, summer or bright days etc. are a bonus! Reference: Maggies Rogers – Alaska Deadline: 3rd June 2024

Indie-Rock for Film Scene

This production team is not looking for a generic song for this spot. They are more interested in vintage sounding indie-rock music that has a sense of individuality and a quirky vibe. The client definitely does not want songs with a harsh vocal but they are not opposed to a hint of darkness. The overall tone of the scene is fairly ominous so music to reflect this would be ideal. Whilst they are asking for a retro feel, any tracks we pitch must have only been released within the last three years. Reference: The Last Shadow Puppets – Used To Be My Girl – Deadline: 3rd June 2024

Dark and Dangerous Song for Trailer
For this trailer, the production team want a song that will excite viewers for the twists and turns of their TV series. They want music that feels as fiendish and menacing as the characters, with a dark and sultry vibe to tie into the script. These dangerous and mysterious elements of the music should be fairly subtle though, to avoid it seeming gimmicky and the overall song should not be too dramatic. For this brief, foreign European languages are preferred but we will also consider English lyrics if they fit perfectly eg. speak of revenge or deceit. – Reference: Letrux LetruxDeadline: 27th May 2024

Hip-Hop for Fast-Food Campaign

Our client is looking for a fun song to promote this fast-food company’s new meal-deal. They would love mainstream hip-hop, ideally with a 90s sound, but are not opposed to other genres if they capture the playful energy they are after. They want songs with some attitude but that stay light-hearted and jovial. This brief also places lots of importance on the lyrics. If you have any songs with witty lines about saving money, a good deal, or food/eating then please submit these! Hip-hop is definitely preferred, but we will consider pop or rock if the lyrics match these themes.

Reference: Lil Dicky – $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan  – Deadline: 27th May 2024

DnB Instrumentals for Cosmetics Campaign
This makeup brand have asked for Drum and Bass music with no vocals for their campaign. They are looking for liquid DnB options so no dirty basslines! Anything that is too ‘in your face’ would not appeal to their usual audience. We also want to keep the music we pitch for this brief relatively melodic. Most of their campaign will be on social media so we would love if you could submit any songs that would work for short Instagram reels and TikToks, maybe because they have a short build, a sound that would grab people’s attention or even have been popular on these apps so far. Reference: Strangers – Kenya Grace (Instrumental) – Deadline: 27th May 2024

If you believe you have music that fits any of these Sync Requests, please submit all materials to this email account.