Sunset Music: Your One-Stop Solution for Music Supervision

Sunset Music: Your One-Stop Solution for Music Supervision

Sunset Music is a leading provider of free music supervision services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for all your sound recording needs. With a vast repertoire of sound recordings, including entertainment stars like Kevin Hart and the Federal Moguls (Bloodhound Gang side project), we are committed to providing top-notch creative and licensing services.

Free Music Supervision and Song Searches

At Sunset Music, we understand the importance of finding the perfect soundtrack for your project. Our team of experienced music supervisors is dedicated to helping you discover the right songs that align with your creative vision. Whether you’re working on a film, TV show, commercial, or any other media project, we offer free song searches to ensure you find the ideal music to enhance your production.

Creative and Licensing Services

Our creative and licensing services are designed to simplify the process of acquiring the rights to use music in your projects. We work closely with artists, labels, and publishers to secure the necessary licenses for your sound recordings. Our team has extensive knowledge of music copyright laws and can guide you through the complexities of music licensing, ensuring that you have all the necessary permissions and clearances.

Additionally, our creative team can assist you in selecting the right music that complements your project’s mood, tone, and message. Whether you’re looking for an upbeat track to energize a commercial or a poignant melody to evoke emotions in a film, our experts will help you find the perfect sound that resonates with your audience.

A Vast Repertoire of Sound Recordings

One of the key strengths of Sunset Music is our extensive repertoire of sound recordings. We take pride in representing a diverse range of artists, including entertainment stars like Kevin Hart and the Federal Moguls (Bloodhound Gang side project). Our catalog spans various genres and styles, ensuring that you can find the right music to suit your project’s requirements.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary hits, timeless classics, or unique tracks from emerging artists, we have a wide selection of sound recordings to choose from. Our team is constantly updating our repertoire to stay current with the latest trends and musical styles, ensuring that you have access to the freshest and most relevant music.

With Sunset Music, you can trust that our sound recordings are of the highest quality, professionally produced, and ready for use in your projects. We take pride in curating a collection that represents the best in the industry, allowing you to elevate your productions with exceptional music.


When it comes to music supervision, Sunset Music is your go-to partner. Our free music supervision services, including song searches, creative and licensing services, and our vast repertoire of sound recordings, ensure that you have everything you need to enhance your projects with the perfect music. Trust Sunset Music for all your music supervision needs and let us help you create memorable experiences through the power of sound.

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