Who Gets Royalties for AI-Created Music?


Artificial intelligence is increasingly seeping into every industry, and artists are looking to Congress to ensure they can get paid when their work is used in a song created by the burgeoning technology. To help you understand what is going on and what we expect to happen in the future, our highly-experienced Kiplinger Letter team will keep you abreast of the latest developments and forecasts (Get a free issue of The Kiplinger Letter or subscribe). You’ll get all the latest news first by subscribing, but we will publish many (but not all) of the forecasts a few days afterward online. Here’s the latest…

The music industry is sounding the alarm over artificial intelligence. And Congress is listening to the argument that AI poses a huge threat to the livelihood of musicians, writers, producers, etc. Recent advances in AI make it easy to create “new” music using existing recordings as models. Typically, the original artists aren’t asked for permission or paid royalties, which the industry says is unfair and endangers their business. 

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