TWICE Tzuyu Purchases Luxury Penthouse in Taiwan, Whopping PRICE Revealed

Following Momo & Jeongyeon, TWICE maknae, Tzuyu cemented her “Young & Rich” status after buying a high-end penthouse for THIS whopping price!

On February 3, Taiwanese media channel TVBS News reported that TWICE Tzuyu recently bought a luxury penthouse in Taiwan!


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TWICE Tzuyu for ELLE Japan x Cartier

On this day, the media outlet revealed that the penthouse was located in Kaohsiung City, which cost a whopping price of 100 million yuan, or approximately 18.2 billion won/ 14.8 million USD!

According to the report, Tzuyu successfully closed the deal during the Lunar New Year, completing everything on January 16. The biggest reason she decided to purchase the penthouse was that it is located across from her mother’s medical aesthetic clinic.

The media further gave information about its location, stating that it was an apartment located in Xionggang Xinyi Art Museum Building, which is known for its 3 parking spaces, impressive decor and interior, and its neighboring area was also considered elite residential.

TWICE Tzuyu Purchases Luxury Penthouse in Taiwan, Whopping PRICE Revealed

(Photo : archyde)
TWICE Tzuyu Purchases Luxury Penthouse in Taiwan, Whopping PRICE Revealed

The news became known to the media after Tzuyu’s family visited the art museum during the holiday and the Xionggang construction director confirmed that Tzuyu bought a penthouse unit inside the building.

The “FANCY” singer also proves not only her wealth but influence as according to a real estate agent, there has been no transaction information related to the art museum in the past two years but Tzuyu was able to purchase one due to their power.

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Meanwhile, Tzuyu is not the first TWICE member who decided to invest and secure their future through real estate. In October 2022, Jeongyeon and Momo officially became neighbors after buying high-end apartments from a new officetel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Jeongyeon bought her unit for 1.541 billion won (USD 1.081 million) in loans, while Momo paid 1.572 billion won (USD 1.103 million) in full cash in 2019, but it was only last year that the ownership was transferred to them.

TWICE Confirms Comeback in March With Mini-Album ‘READY TO BE’

In other news, TWICE, the group to which Tzuyu belongs announced the start of its new music era!

'Comeback' TWICE, 12th mini album 'READY TO BE' released on March 10th

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

On Feb. 3, JYP Entertainment confirmed that “Nation’s Girl Group” TWICE will release its 12th mini-album, “READY TO BE” on March 10.

The agency then explained that the album’s name expresses the desire of the group to show the firm determination of those who have prepared for something.

TWICE Makes History As 1st Asian Female Group To Earn Billboard Women in Music's 'Breakthrough Award'

(Photo : TWICE (Kpop Wiki))

This album is the first new album in about seven months of the nonet since its 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” on August 26 last year. The 11th mini-album ranked third on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” and set a record for “the third top 10 in total.” In addition, as a result of combining CD sales and digital download figures in the U.S. compiled by Luminate, a U.S. music data aggregator, it ranked fifth in sales in the U.S. in 2022 based on the group album.

With their preceding achievements, expectations for their upcoming album are already high.

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