TikTok Music, The Service That Wants To Dethrone Spotify?


TikTok Music has the essence of the video platform

The first point that draws attention to this platform is its interface, since it is a replica of the short video platform, but with the cover of an album in a central plane and the ability to change songs vertically and not horizontal, as we are usually used to.

The Home interface is based on three For You windows, based on your tastes and artists related to the music you like. The second option is Familiar, inspired by the songs of the artists you have already given a like and finally there is New, in which you can discover a selection of songs.

In all cases, the menu is practically the same. On one side is the characteristic TikTok menu, which has a heart, a comments section and a button to share music, and from the likes you give, an algorithm is created that takes into account the user’s musical tastes. .

This can be good, since the system gets to know the person, but it can also be problematic if you take into account that when it comes to music, something nice is discovering new artists and with these algorithms you usually enter a spiral of content that It pleases you, but it doesn’t give you new things.

Something relevant is that the songs have a section where you can see the lyrics of the songs. This element is important considering reports that this feature could be exclusive to premium Spotify users.

TikTok exploration and recommendations

Its second menu is Explore, in which the user can directly search for the music that interests them and from that information the platform also creates some lists based on the user’s tastes.

For example, it recommends songs based on recent selections, but it also makes artist mixes, which are exclusive to the specific user and usually include about 50 songs.

On the other hand, it recommends lists based on moods, such as Happy Pop, Synthwave or Relax, but it also takes into account the trends of the music industry from TikTok Music Top 50, which includes the most famous songs in the world. video platform, in addition to others inspired by trends, such as TikTok Viral México or Retos TiKTok, among others.

All this commitment to the platform demonstrates the approach that Rob Ruiz, TikTok’s music operations leader, shared with Expansión in September of last year, regarding music being a central component of TikTok content, but also an accompaniment to contribute to the communication of ideas.

Podcasts, the element that makes Spotify different

One of the most important elements of Spotify is its strong commitment to podcasts, which does establish an important difference with TikTok Music, since this type of content has become one of the main ways to diversify the commitment to streaming audio and It makes TikTok Music feel like a newbie service.

However, through TikTok Music you can play, download and share music from the catalog of the three largest labels in the world: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music.

The catalog is quite extensive even though the platform is in a beta, which means that it has not been completely launched to the public, but rather to a limited group so that they can test it and provide feedback before its official launch. It is only available to a small number of users in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Mexico.

TikTok Music will have three plans: individual, student and family. In all plans you can have three months free, listen to music without ads, skip songs and unlimited downloads. The cost of the individual will be 115 pesos per month.

The student plan offers the same, but with the difference that only students can access it and the cost will be 59 pesos per month. As for the family plan, in addition to these features, you can include up to six accounts and block explicit content for a cost of 179 pesos per month.

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