The Man Who Went Viral After Being Mistakenly Interviewed


A man who accidentally ended up getting interviewed on the BBC is suing the station for not paying him for his appearance even though “that clip made them richer.”

In 2006, Guy Goma was waiting in the main reception area of the BBC Television Center for a job interview as a data cleanser. But he ended up getting mistaken for Guy Kewney, a British technology expert who was supposed to be interviewed on BBC News about Apple Computer’s court case with the Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps.

Goma ended up on the air and completed the live interview with business journalist Karen Bowerman. The clip ended up going viral but during a recent appearance on the Accidental Celebrities podcast, Goma says he never received any compensation for the interview even though “that clip made them richer.”

“I contacted them, they didn’t answer me,” Goma explained, per the Guardian. “Did they pay me for that interview? No. They are waiting for me to take them to the court.”

Hosts Josh Pieters and Archie Manners said it was “incredibly unfair” that he had not been paid and asked Goma if he plans to go to court. The 54-year-old said yes because he has not received any royalties arising from the interview despite it receiving millions of views.

“I’m going to go…because of the money they made on it and they didn’t give me a single penny,” he said.

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