The Idol Finale: ‘The Idol’ season finale


HBO’s The Idol comes to an end now! As the finale unfolds, it reveals Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, as a powerful international star with control over a manipulative cult leader, leaving viewers to wonder how she reached that point.

In the final episode, Jocelyn records a song with Mike Dean, a real-life producer and friend of The Weeknd. When The Weeknd himself enters the scene, Jocelyn confronts him, revealing his obsession with her and his manipulative actions. This twist had been foreshadowed in a previous episode when Jocelyn learned about The Weeknd’s relationship with another woman.

However, the sudden change in Jocelyn’s character feels abrupt and lacks proper development, leaving viewers questioning if crucial scenes were left on the cutting room floor during the show’s reworking.

The ending culminates in a bizarre meeting/showcase where Jocelyn presents her vision for a tour and her newly empowered artists perform. Meanwhile, three main characters, including Jocelyn’s assistant Leia, are estranged from the music industry.

The final moments show Jocelyn reunited with The Weeknd, implying that she may have manipulated him all along. However, the ending fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion and leaves viewers with a sense of confusion.

The Idol aimed to depict Jocelyn as a master manipulator, but the storytelling fell short, resulting in plot holes and an unsatisfactory narrative, this is what several viewers have pointed out.


What happened to Leia and the other main characters in the finale?
Leia and the other main characters were estranged from the music industry in the finale. This could be seen as a punishment for their involvement with Jocelyn’s manipulative schemes.

Why did the ending of The Idol feel unsatisfying?
The ending of The Idol felt unsatisfying to some viewers because it failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the show’s many storylines. It also left several questions unanswered, such as what happened to The Weeknd and whether or not Jocelyn was truly in control.

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