The Idol Episode One: Spoiler-Filled Questions We


If you’ve watched the first episode of “The Idol” and want answers to the burning questions that you have, then you’re in the right place. From music licensing to the show’s budget to character oddities, this post contains spoilers for the show’s first episode “Pop Tarts & Rat Tails”.

First up, Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” played during a photoshoot scene, and viewers are now curious to know how much she got paid. Plus, did any of the money go to her currently favored nonprofit, the National Courtwatch Network?

Another question that viewers are asking is who was Troye Sivan’s accent coach. Many have applauded his accent, and it is evident that he is doing well.

The show raises an interesting question: how much would it take to tempt someone into kidnapping an intimacy coordinator temporarily?

Jennie from Blackpink is parallelly positioned as the Mila Kunis to Lily-Rose Depp’s Natalie Portman, Black Swan-style. What sparked fan theories is whether there is a quantum gossip field that we need to study or whether all these coincidences are just accidents.

Were the stairwells at Capitol Records a good place to engage in sex?

Andrew Finkelstein thinks that one cumshot selfie of a character isn’t a big deal, however, can he sell teenybopper tix with that picture out there? As Jocelyn is in the “sexuality-forward adulthood pivot era” anyway, commonly referred to as her “Bangerz era,” it’s unclear how this will impact the character moving forward.

Many have questions about what everyone’s job is and how the division of labor between Hank Azaria and Da’Vine Joy is.

Abel without giant aviators on? Can viewers find the character recognizable?

Another question is where to get some of the skinny legend cigs that Jocelyn is frequently smoking.

Plus, why can’t LA mansion doors be normal?

Freak/nun or Madonna/whore? Is the former the new latter?

The show has used a lot of licensed music to set the scene, including classics such as “Criminal,” “Like a Prayer,” and “Darling Nikki.” Fans are curious as to whether the majority of the budget is going towards music licensing or if there is a Warner Music deal helping out.

Lastly, what’s with the chokehold obsession in the show, and did Talia receive enough for her profile, and will the Weeknd ever show?

In summary, the first episode of “The Idol” has left fans with many questions, and hopefully, future episodes will provide answers.



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