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We offer a wide range of services, including music supervision for film, television, and video games, as well as copyright clearance and licensing services for a variety of commercial projects

Equinox+ is a transformative at-home bike and digital fitness app that allows users to stream exclusive video and audio content from brands like SoulCycle, Precision Run, HeadStrong, and more—wherever, whenever.

School Music License provides convenient annual licenses for K-12 schools in the United States wishing to record and stream school-sponsored student performances that contain music, or to print or display song lyrics within the context of a performance.

CapCut is an application that allows users to edit videos and add or apply various elements, and offers video templates that are created by users or by CapCut.

Managed Media is a web-based Content Delivery Network (CDN), content aggregator and Guest Experience Platform for Hospitality and Family Entertainment businesses like Restaurants, Bars, Bowling Centers, Roller-skating Rinks, Trampoline Parks and Family Entertainment Centers.
Sybersound is a record label based in Malibu, California, and distributed by Universal Music Group that produces the Party Tyme and Billboard Karaoke lines, and operates and distributes various digital services, including but not limited to the Party Tyme Karaoke Streaming Service and the Party Tyme subscription-based app and linear channels that can be accessed via Smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Apple iOS and Android devices, all of which offer high quality audio-only and/or audiovisual recordings.

Volley develops world-class voice-controlled games and entertainment apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Song Quiz is a fun and challenging app that allows users to listen to song clips and guess the correct title and artist for points. Players may compete against friends, family, or other music fans. Volley develops world-class voice-controlled games and entertainment apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home
New license opportunity for participation in the “TikTok” mobile platform.
GuitarTuna Play, by Yousician Oy, is a global digital music learning service allowing users to play and practice their favorite songs, along with lyrics, licks and riffs, in the form of chord charts, tablatures and/or other standard musical notation and improve their playing with the help of training tips and exercises.
License your works for use in Videos in connection with Apple Music and use of Lyrics with Apple products and services for Apple and
for use in Apple Fitness+. Apple Fitness+ is a new interactive fitness experience featuring exclusive new video workouts.
License your works to be made available by Singa. Singa has developed a digital platform and online streaming karaoke service and is setting out to turn karaoke into a money-making category combined with an engagement channel for rights owners. 
License your works to be made available on Snapchat! Snap is offering a library of music that end users can add to text and multimedia messages using the Snapchat camera and Snap’s online properties. Please click through here to review and opt into the new agreement which is a direct agreement between you and Snap.
New license opportunity for participation in Lickd Limited’s platform for licensing commercial music to online content creators all over the world
New license opportunity for the mechanical reproduction and distribution of the compositions in your catalog as permanent digital downloads and ringtones by Believe Digital.

Landing your music on in-store playlists will significantly add value to your music. 

Once you secure a broadcast placement, your music could be played in frequent circulation at places such as New Look, Oasis, Alexander McQueen, Jaguar, PureGym, Harrods, Costa, FatFace and many others. Consumers in these public places will hear your music and combined with potential Shazam engagement, present an alternative avenue of airplay promotion.

This means your music will reach a wider audience of listeners, as well as increasing the royalties earned from your music.

If you would like to submit your music for consideration then please send us your demo at Submissions@SunsetMusicSupervision.com.

Music for a Travel Commercial

This client would like to find the perfect song to capture the excitement of travel for their new commercial.  

The client has requested a track that is uplifting and positive. They want the track to carry a sense of adventure, excitement, and fantasy that can transport their audience abroad. The client is open to both folk/indie and electronic genres, as long as the track is enjoyable and fun to listen to. 

The track should have a clear narrative around family, togetherness, travelling, or a journey.  

Reference: Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way 

Deadline: 23rd October 2023  

Driving Track for Upcoming Film

Our client is working on the production of an exciting film which follows the lives of two roommates in New York City. We are searching for a track to play during a scene where the main character turns on the radio to her favourite song and stars dancing around the house. The track should be fun and upbeat, something that would instantly lift your mood. Tonally, the director is drawn to a retro inspired sound, something that sounds a little vintage and nostalgic. The music should be driving, a true foot tapper that makes everybody move, ideally it would start slow and pick up in pace and rhythm throughout. 

Reference:  Uptown – (I Know) I’m Losing You 

Deadline: 30th October 

Music for a Runway

This client would like to find music suitable for a fashion show.

The client is searching for tracks that are modern, and experimental with a strut-worthy beat. Their style as a company is described as having an edgy, streetwise aesthetic and would like music that compliments this. The client is primarily interested in music within the electronic, rock, and hip-hop genres, although they are open to other options as well.

Reference: Gorillaz – Dare

Deadline: 6th November 2023

Music for a Christmas Pet commercial

This client would like to find a track fitting in a Christmas pet adoption advert for a large rescue organisation.

The client is searching for tracks that are both emotive and positive. The genre is open, and the track isn’t required to be festive as the lyrics are more important to the client. The message is that there are lots of rescues ready and waiting for their new home for Christmas, so any lyrics pointing towards new homes, the perfect match or waiting for time to pass would be needed.

Reference: Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Deadline: 6th November 2023

Music for a Romantic TV series

Our client would like a track for an important restaurant scene in an upcoming series.  

For their project, they require a contemporary track that has a relaxed feel to it but still has a slight driving beat. The ideal track should be minimalistic, with an emphasis on the lyrics and setting a romantic tone for the two main characters. They want the track to sound like it is from an older time, perhaps blues-influenced, but it doesn’t have to be an old song necessarily.  The lyrics should focus on the themes of love, new love, or seeing someone differently.  

Reference: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You  

Deadline: 23rd October 2023

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