Songtradr Partners With Twitch to Offer Music for Streamers


Songtradr has announced a collaboration with Twitch to bring its Pretzel music service to Twitch streamers.

The collaboration will see Twitch streamers gain access to licensed music with a 90-day special offer that’s available until September 15. Pretzel is a licensed music service exclusively designed for streamers. Twitch streamers can gain access to Pretzel’s Premium Subscription tier for 90 days—with access to 550,000 Twitch-safe tracks to transform their streaming experience.

Songtradr is a pioneer in music licensing, so streamers don’t have to worry whether or not artists and rights holders are getting fairly compensated for their work. Streamers can explore a diverse range of tracks while supporting independent artists and fueling new music discovery for their communities. Pretzel offers a desktop app and Stream Deck integration, making it seamless to integrate into a Twitch live stream workflow.

Songtradr’s partnership with Twitch follows a series of major announcements, reflecting the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the music industry. With Pretzel’s recent acquisition, Songtradr says it sees new opportunities for the gaming and lifestyle live stream worlds—offering a unique experience to both artists and streamers.

“Songtradr is thrilled to partner with Twitch to provide streamers our artist-support Pretzel music service, allowing streamers to play fully licensed music in their Twitch streams,” adds Paul Wiltshire, CEO & Founder of Songtradr. “Our vast, highly curated cleared music catalog makes Pretzel a great tool for streamers and a wonderful distribution and discovery venue for independent artists.”

Of all the music options available to Twitch streamers, Pretzel is by far the most comprehensive. It offers access to over 500,000 tracks that can be used in both live streams and VODs. Following the free trial, Pretzel is offering a special price for new Twitch users to try the service for $60 the first year. Pretzel Premium offers 550,000 Twitch-safe tracks, 60 curated radio stations to vibe with, and 100,000 YouTube-safe tracks.


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