Ringo Starr’s Songwriting Process Was So Complex, It’s a Miracle He Wrote Any Beatles Songs

The Beatles didn’t need Ringo Starr to be a songwriter. Paul McCartney and John Lennon took up those duties early in the band’s career. George Harrison grew his writing skills. Not being relied upon for songs lessened the pressure on the drummer, which Ringo said was a positive of being the fourth Beatle. Still, he attempted to write songs. When you go inside Ringo’s clunky songwriting process, it’s a miracle he ever got any tracks on Beatles albums.

Ringo Starr rehearses in Miami before one of The Beatles appearances on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' in 1964.
Ringo Starr | CBS via Getty Images

Ringo Starr didn’t need to be a songwriter for The Beatles

The Beatles needed Ringo to be their drummer to become the Fab Four. His steady timekeeping skills were critical to the band. Ringo’s songwriting? Not so much.

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