RIIZE’s ‘Memories’ Makes Impressive Debut on MelOn Hot 100


RIIZE is gaining traction on music charts with side track “Memories,” proving how highly anticipated they are.

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RIIZE Make First Entry at MelOn Hot 100’s Top 40 With Prologue Single ‘Memories’

The boy group is garnering attention ahead of their debut!

SM rookie RIIZE, cool and fresh visual... Capture the practice room

(Photo : SM Twitter)

On August 21, SM Entertainment’s upcoming K-pop boy group RIIZE has finally dropped their prologue single “Memories” and its official music video on YouTube. The pre-release track “Memories” is included in their forthcoming debut single album “Get A Guitar.”

In the music video, RIIZE showcased their talent through synchronized choreography and soothing vocals. They also impressed fans with their rap skills, as well as their captivating visuals.

You can watch the full MV for “Memories” here:


Fans commented on the music video:

  •  “RIIZE needs a performance version. Their acting is definitely fun, but their dancing is so cool! I rewatch every moment!”
  •  “RIIZE’s talents are pure, and their voices are out of this world!”
  •  “SM quality, man. There’s a reason why their groups are trendsetters and shape the industry, the talent is unmatched.”


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When “Memories” was released, the song quickly snatched a place on MelOn. On August 21, a forum was made by netizens online, where the original author informed the K-pop community that “Memories” had debuted on MelOn’s Hot 100 chart at No. 40.

RIIZE's 'Memories' Makes Impressive Debut on MelOn Hot 100  — Pink Bloods Ecstatic for What's to Come

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This was followed by the comments of netizens, who expressed their amazement with RIIZE for entering the chart despite not debuting just yet.

RIIZE Training: SM Boy Group's New Photos Leave K-pop Fans Captivated By Their Extreme Good Looks

(Photo : Twitter: @RIIZE_official)

Netters also pointed out that even though RIIZE has yet to enter the K-pop industry, they already gained a promising fanbase. Read their comments below:

  •  “It’s just a side track too and it’s not the main track. What’s more (amazing) is that RIIZE hasn’t even debuted yet. Let’s go higher!”
  •  “Let’s go, RIIZE!”
  •  “They are the best.”
  •  “Is that the pre-release track that came out just now?”
  •  “Ah I forgot, I need to download this right away.”
  •  “Wow, they have so many fans already, and they haven’t even debuted yet!”

RIIZE Training: SM Boy Group's New Photos Leave K-pop Fans Captivated By Their Extreme Good Looks

(Photo : Twitter: @RIIZE_official)

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However, in a separate discussion, netizens were confused with the post and thought that the post referred to Billboard’s Hot 100. Some pointed out that RIIZE is in a good direction since they’re prioritizing a domestic fanbase first before heading on to international areas.

  •  “I thought it was Billboard Hot 100, turns out it was on MelOn.”
  •  “Wtf is this chart? I really thought they were talking about Billboard (Hot 100) or something.”
  •  “Of course, they’re talking about MelOn. They’re a rookie group, and it’s important for them to establish a strong Korean fanbase first before going international.”

Congratulations to RIIZE for this wonderful accomplishment!

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