Record label NMP Entertainment to uplift gospel


Pretoria – Gospel musicians, because of their talent, often shun the glamorous world of other entertainment genres to feed their calling of administering their beliefs in song.

For this reason, these artists deserve a platform exclusively for them to ply their trade.

This is the attitude of record label NMP Entertainment director Phetholo Godwn Bopape, who says the label was launched in 2013 solely to create awareness of uplifting and supporting gospel musicians to continue spreading the word through their ministering.

Bopape believes it’s more of a calling for him and his team, that includes his wife Boipelo as a managing director, because they are “ministers of the word of God and believe it’s in line with spreading the gospel”.

Prudence Mkhize, one of the gospel artists on the NMP Entertainment stable. Picture: Supplied

“Another reason there was a need to start a label such as this was to promote youth empowerment, bring change in local communities and help those who have been exploited in the music industry.

“I’m a man of God, who is passionate about changing the lives of those around me and bringing liberation to local communities,” he said.

NMP has gospel sensations such as Godfrey Mahlangu, Jan Lebese, Chema, Bambo and Prudence Mkhize, who have since signed with the label.

Despite their main mission to be listed as an international entertainment hub that would bring growth in the lives and careers of musicians, Bopape says getting commercial support was by far their biggest challenge.

“It saddens me to see musicians working so hard to build careers out of nothing, struggling to raise funds to fulfil their dreams of recording, and seeing them sweating in the sun promoting their products without any form of support,” Bopape said.

Among other challenges were limited resources and budget.

“Funding, mastering, distribution, marketing, merchandise, touring and other expenses are a lot.

“Independent artists starting their music career have a limited network of fans and industry contacts, so the benefits of signing with a major record label gives artists access to resources and equipment with professional guidance and support.”

The record label targets upcoming gospel artists who are developed and promoted.

NMP Entertainment is also home to Godfrey Mahlangu.

“Record label marketing strategies have a significant impact on the overall success of a label, its artists, and their music. By leveraging social media platforms, targeted advertising, and influencer partnerships to reach potential fans, labels can generate a buzz around their brand and create valuable connections with their target audience.

“Public relations and media outreach, collaborations with other artists or brands, and engaging content marketing contribute to the label’s overall brand visibility, while utilising streaming platforms and email marketing helps to maintain and grow their fan base.

“Focusing on local market targeting and artist development adds value to both the record label and the artists, enabling them to create a cohesive brand identity and build a strong foundation for growth. Pursuing music licensing and synchronisation deals, as well as producing high-quality merchandise, can generate additional income and elevate the label’s reputation.

“Creating a sense of community among fans through engagement initiatives and playlist pitching contributes to an organic growth model that helps the label retain its core audience,” he said.

Asked what the label stood for and what they are doing against exploitation of artists, Bopape said: “Artists work for their passion, but sadly in the world where money makes the calls, passion isn’t enough to sustain. Artists are as much part of the society as individuals working in other fields but they still find themselves at the receiving end of exploitation.

“The cause of the artist couldn’t be more underrated and unacknowledged precisely because both artists and the society do not consider it important enough to be discussed. Artists continue to perceive it as a part of the game.

“So at NMP Entertainment, we refuse to stay quiet in our endeavour to end creative exploitation. The cause deserves the participation from artists and art lovers. Let us save the industry before another artist decides to bail out.”

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