Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” Tops


Oliver Anthony‘s latest single, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has taken the music industry by storm, climbing to the coveted Number One spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. What sets this achievement apart is the song’s success in digital sales, despite the declining popularity of this format.

Last week, “Rich Men” garnered over 147,000 downloads, far surpassing the Number Two song, Luke Combs‘s “Fast Car,” which only had around 10,000 downloads. The rest of the Top 10 songs combined didn’t even come close to Anthony’s numbers. Excluding “Rich Men,” the average sales for the other songs on the chart were around 1,100 downloads.

The dominance of streaming services has made digital downloads a fading listening format, with most music enthusiasts opting for the convenience and affordability of streaming. In fact, digital downloads made up just 3 percent of the U.S. music industry’s revenue in 2022, compared to 34 percent in 2015. However, Anthony’s success highlights that digital sales still play a crucial role in determining chart positions.

What stood out on this week’s chart was the remarkable number of sales for Anthony’s song. Although sales have dipped slightly, they remain strong at approximately 77,000. A single song sale carries much more weight than an individual stream when it comes to chart placements. While most consumers prefer streaming due to its lower cost and accessibility, dedicated fan bases have realized the impact of digital sales on securing a high chart position.

This trend is not exclusive to Anthony. Other artists, like Jason Aldean with “Try That in a Small Town,” have experienced a surge in digital sales driven by various factors. In Anthony’s case, the support of conservative figures such as Matt Walsh, Dan Bongino, and Laura Ingraham played a significant role in promoting the song as a populist anthem for the working class. Pop fans also actively engage in purchasing digital downloads to boost their favorite artists’ chances of reaching Number One.

However, relying solely on mass sales is not a reliable long-term strategy. Past examples, including Jung Kook‘s and Jason Aldean’s chart-topping tracks, demonstrate the drop in chart positions once the high sales numbers decline. To sustain his success, Anthony will need strong streaming numbers to complement his digital sales.

While it remains to be seen how “Rich Men North of Richmond” will fare in the coming weeks, the song has shown resilience and is not ready to fade into obscurity just yet.

Key Take Away:

  • Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with over 147,000 digital downloads last week.
  • Digital sales have become less prominent in today’s streaming-dominated music industry, but they still hold importance in determining chart positions.
  • Songs with strong digital sales perform well in the short term, but sustaining success requires a balance between sales and streaming numbers.
  • The support of influential figures and dedicated fan bases can significantly impact an artist’s chart position.
  • Oliver Anthony’s song, backed by conservative influencers, resonated with listeners as a populist message for the working class.


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