Oliver Anthony Music’s Rapid Rise, Drake’s Son Draws New


Oliver Anthony Music topped the Hot 100 this week and we’re taking a look at his rapid rise and his controversial start. Drake’s son Adonis created the cover art for his new album ‘For All The Dogs.’ Flo Rida held a little fan while performing his hit song ‘Low.’ Echosmith siblings Sydney and Noah Sierota play Never Have I Ever. And more!

Tetris Kelly:
Oliver Anthony Music has listeners divided. Drake gets some help from his son on his new album. A baby at a Flo Rida concert is the talk of the internet. We learned five things about Erika Jayne and play Never Have I Ever with Echosmith.

Hey y’all, I’m Tetris Kelly for Billboard News. It’s Wednesday, August 23rd. And let’s talk about our current leader on the Hot 100.

Oliver Anthony seemingly came out of nowhere to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, but is he already becoming the rich man he sings about? And did he lose support from his right-wing fans already? We have his new music and everything that’s been going on with the soulful singer.

As “Rich Men North of Richmond” had its historic ride to the top of our charts, a lot of conversation happened online questioning if the song has a divisive meaning or is it just an anthem for the right. Well, Oliver has spoken on the topic.

Oliver Anthony Music:
“I mean, we are the melting pot of the world. And that’s what makes us strong, it’s our diversity and we need to learn to harness that and appreciate it and not use it as a political tool.”

Tetris Kelly:
Some conservatives have already turned on him, calling him a “scam” and accusing him of faking his accent. While others pointed out he never said he was conservative. I’m just confused about what’s even controversial about diversity.

And is he becoming a rich man? In his Hot 100-topping week, Billboard estimates he earned over $350,000 in royalties. On the heels of his history-making No. 1 viral hit, Oliver has dropped a video for his new single “I Want to Go Home.”

Watch the full video above!

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