Nikki Webster’s shock reveal about Matildas ‘team


Australian pop sensation Nikki Webster has revealed a surprising fact about her 2001 hit Strawberry Kisses – a “team favourite” of the Matildas.

Joining 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin breakfast show on Wednesday morning, Webster revealed she didn’t receive any royalties for her song that sat in the ARIA’s top-50 chart for 14 weeks.

“Do you get a cheque every month, what goes on there?” host David Hughes asked the guest.

“No, I know the songwriters do because I didn’t write the song,” Webster, now 36, said before adding, “They’re loving me. It’s recoupable back to the record label for all the money they invest into you as an artist.”

All three morning hosts seemed shocked by the revelation, with Erin Molan responding, “Ah stop it, that’s brutal.”

Webster joked it was a “silly 13-year-old mistake”, saying the label was still recouping costs after green-lighting “the most expensive video clip in Australia”.

The revelation comes after the Matildas revealed Strawberry Kisses was a “team favourite” before games.

Ahead of their round 16 win against Denmark on August 17, Matildas goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold said the hit song was a pre-game favourite.

“Strawberry kisses by Nikki Webster has been a team favourite the last couple of weeks,” she said.

“I don’t know where that’s come from. I think actually it was Steph Catley’s favourite song and now we’ve all jumped on the wagon.”

In a social media video, Catley revealed she would listen to the “banger” on repeat as a child.

“It’s iconic. I had it as a CD in my Walkman and it was a single, and I just listened to it over and over again, so it reminds me of my childhood,” she said.

“It’s happiness in a song, and yeah, it just gets me going on my day and in the changeroom right now.”

Webster said it was an “honour” to have the song, produced when she was just 14 years old, feature in the squad’s World Cup campaign.

“People kept sending me these little clips of Steph Catley saying ‘if you don’t like Strawberry Kisses, that’s un-Australian’. I was like ‘you are my favourite person’,” she said.

“I’ve chatted, just over socials, to Steph Catley and thanked her for her support, which was awesome.

“They would have been around my age around the time. It’s nostalgic and maybe it was something that got them inspired as a young kid and now they’re inspiring young girls and boys of today – it’s awesome.”

Webster said she would watch the game at home tonight with her two girls, aged 5 and 9.

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