New Briefs & Sync Requests, Music Needed for a Phone Commercial, Music Needed for a Film Scene, Bold Track Needed for a Finance App, Music Needed for a Period Drama & Latin Elements for Tech Brand!

Music for a Phone commercial

Our client is looking for a track for a campaign about their latest phone model.

The client is searching for glitch-pop and electronic music to use in their branding. The lyrics are not important, as long as they are clean, but the genre should be a good fit. They prefer music that is more mainstream rather than niche and intense. The track should have an upbeat and driving tempo which will set the pace for the video.

Reference: Charlie XCX – Claws

Deadline: 20th December 2023

Music for a film scene

This client would like a track for a scene in their upcoming film.

They are looking for post-breakup empowerment songs. The songs should have a tone that is either uplifting or vengeful and should feature a female lead vocalist. The lyrics should embody a smug attitude that describe moving on from a past relationship. Overall, the client is looking for a fun, memorable and relatable pop track.

Reference: Maisie Peters – Lost The Breakup

Deadline: 27th December 2023

Bold Track for Finance App

We are on the hunt for an instrumental track that makes you want to move and express yourself, something that screams confidence and swagger.

The music should bring plenty of energy to the visuals, a fun strong beat and catchy hook are essential. Although we want an edgy, unconventional sound, possibly in the hip-hop sphere, it shouldn’t be anything too dark and moody. It’s all about the positive vibes! 

Reference: Azealia Banks – Heavy Metal And Reflective 

Deadline: 27th November 2023 

Music for a Period Drama

Our client would like a track for an upcoming trailer for a period drama.

They are searching for modern adaptations of classical music, which could include classical covers of popular songs or compositions with classical instrumentation. The tracks should have a distinct 1800s feel but must also resonate with a 20th-century audience. It is important to note that all the tracks must be instrumental.

Reference: Max Richter – Spring 1

Deadline: 20th November 2023

Latin Elements for Tech Brand

Our tech client is seeking an exciting track for the next product launch campaign.

Tonally, the agency is drawn to upbeat, celebratory tracks with authentic Latin elements. Think of fun, multi-layered rhythmic sections and variations, plenty of dynamic twists and turns that work perfectly with fast moving visuals. Although genre requirements are open, something in the electronic sphere would tick the right boxes. Lyrics aren’t the focus of this search, although a repetitive, rememberable chorus is a welcomed. 

Reference: Disclosure – Tondo 

Deadline: 4th December 2023 

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