Music bodies sides with agency in Fifty Fifty


Fifty Fifty (Attrakt)

Fifty Fifty (Attrakt)

The Korea Entertainment Management Association publicly sided with K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty’s agency Attrakt on the allegations and controversy surrounding the group in a press statement on Tuesday.

“We urge Fifty Fifty and Attrakt to resolve their dispute revolving around the exclusive contract between them so that they do not continue to create a stir in the industry,” said KEMA.

Attrakt is alleging that there has been a buyout attempt of Fifty Fifty after its rise to stardom in the competitive music industry.

All four members of Fifty Fifty applied for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with Attrakt on June 19 to the Seoul Central District Court. The members claim that the agency breached the contract by not compensating for their work properly and forcing one member to participate in scheduled activities despite poor health.

Attrakt, on the other hand, is claiming that its subcontracted outsourcing company the Givers — led by producer Siahn, who took part in producing the hit single “Cupid” –approached Warner Music Korea attempting to sell off the girl group, as well as enticing the group to terminate its contract with Attrakt.

KEMA praised Attrakt’s CEO Jeon Hong-jun as a hard-working producer with outstanding creativity whose work led to Fifty Fifty’s debut on the Billboard charts.

“The impure involvement of a third party is exacerbating the seriousness of a situation that is casting a red light on the career of Attrakt’s girl group Fifty Fifty. We consider the attempt by a third party to poach members of the group as serious damage to the future of artists and the entertainment industry. We will respond vigorously to such unhealthy practices that disturb the industry,” said KEMA.

On the same day, the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) announced that it will postpone the payment of royalties for the song “Cupid” at the request of Attrakt.

“We decided to postpone the payment of royalties for the song ‘Cupid’ in accordance with our measures at the request of Attrakt,” KOMCA said.

KOMCA has the right to postpone payment of song royalties when there is a civil or criminal dispute between the parties involved, or when there is a request from the police or court.

Attrakt took legal action against The Givers, claiming that the group discretely took over a larger share of the copyright for the song “Cupid” by buying out the rights of three Swedish composers who took part in creating the song.

Currently, Ahin, Keena, and Siahn are copyright co-holders to the song enlisted by the Korea Music Copyright Association.

By Hong Yoo (yoohong@heraldcorp.com)

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