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Shane Lee Lindstrom, better known by his stage name “Murda Beatz,” is a Canadian record producer who was born on February 11th, 1994. He has also produced hit singles by many artists, including Migos, Drake, and 6ix9ine, including “Nice for What” by Drake, “Back on Road” by Gucci Mane, “Fefe,” a duet between Murda Beatz, 6ix9ine, and Nicki Minaj, “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott, and “Motorsport” by Migos. He dropped the song “Shopping Spree” in 2019 with Lil Pump and Sheck Wes, which became quite popular.

Lindstrom comes from a musical background, and his entire family was involved in music in some or the other way. He played the drums while growing up in Fort Erie, Ontario, which is not too far from Buffalo. After he had mistakenly left his drum gear at one of his friend’s house, who was named Pluto Hann, he started making beats using FL Studio software at the ripe age of 17 while he was still in high school.

Choosing the artist name “Murda Beatz,” he decided to promote his songs on YouTube. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Chicago and eventually worked with Chief Keef and Lil Durk. According to Lindstrom, he met and connected with the majority of his collaborators, creators, and musicians via social media and common friends.

He eventually made contact with the Atlanta-based rap group Migos, moved in with them, and began composing music for them. In 2019, Beatz founded “Murda Beatz Recordings,” his own record label, and signed Adam Halliday. In the year 2021, he also received recognition in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the music category. As for his personal life, Murda Beatz began dating Brazilian singer Anitta in June 2022, but their relationship ended two months later.

Murda Beatz at a red carpet event.
Murda Beatz at a red carpet event. (Credit: Billboard)

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Professional Career

Murda Beatz, a well-known music producer, has established a successful career for himself. His quick rise from a local artist to worldwide fame is evidence of his enormous talent and unwavering commitment to his field of endeavor.

Murda Beatz’s career history is extremely well characterized by several successes, partnerships with A-list musicians, and a distinctive production style that has had a lasting impact on the music business.

His major break came when he caught Gucci Mane’s eye, a well-known rapper who recognized Murda Beatz’s unique skill. This crucial encounter paved the way for other high-profile partnerships, propelling Murda Beatz to stardom on a global scale.

Murda Beatz working on a song with Dj Khaled.
Murda Beatz working on a song with Dj Khaled. (Credit: Revolt TV)

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One of Murda Beatz’s most distinctive professional qualities is his capacity to create melodic rhythms that appeal to listeners with a diversity of musical tastes.

His ground-breaking method combines driving beats, enthralling melodies, and avant-garde soundscapes to produce songs that are commercially successful. Murda Beatz’s remarkable talent has brought him innumerable honors from the industry, but he has also had a number of career-high moments. He has been nominated for and won a number of prestigious awards, in addition to the ASCAP Pop Music Award for Songwriter of the Year.

Despite his success, Murda Beatz is still modest and committed to expanding the possibilities for the purpose of music production.

His creative thinking and unwavering work ethic continue to influence the contemporary music scene, motivating young producers and establishing trends. He captivates audiences and musicians alike with his own sonic imprint and fresh viewpoint on each project. His career stands as a tribute to the strength of artistic brilliance as pursued through talent, passion, and unrelenting excellence.

Murda Beatz and alongside his ex-girlfriend Brazilian singer, Anitta.
Murda Beatz and alongside his ex-girlfriend, Brazilian singer, Anitta. (Credit: The New York Folk)

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Murda Beatz Net Worth

The incredible net worth of the 29-year-old Canadian record producer Murda Beatz is estimated by many media reports and analyses to be close to a staggering $8 million. His success in the music industry is what led to his financial success in the first place.

He typically invests his money, like many other music producers in the business, in pricey jewelery, of which he has a sizable collection. His $10,000 rose gold ring and $10,000 gold bracelet are his most priceless assets. His massive, rose gold, diamond-studded “Murda” chain reportedly cost him a whopping $15,000.

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