MRLD is a hit in Indonesia

Indonesians like Filipino music. Jose Mari Chan and Christian Bautista both have a huge following out there. And would you believe, they still listen to the songs of the now departed Victor Wood and Eddie Peregrina. These two jukebox kings had been among the most popular idols since the ‘70s and even made recordings in Bahasa.

The sounds may have changed over the years but the Indonesians still enjoy listening to Pinoy artists. Their latest discovery is the quiet and unassuming singer-songwriter with the expressive husky voice from the Visayas, mrld. Please note that mrld is how she wants to be known as, but she is actually Meriel de Jesus.

mrld’s debut single, An Art Gallery Could Never Be as Unique as You, has been streamed over 63 million times on Spotify. Numbers on other music platforms are also excellent. You can now add to this the big surprise of the moment. This is the news that the song has entered the Indonesian hit lists. It is now 167 in the Top 200 chart. OK, 167 may seem low, but remember this is a new entry by a new foreign artist and it is the only Filipino recording in the list. That means a lot.

This was an inch by inch journey. mrld composed An Art Gallery Could Never Be As Unique as You when she was only 14 years old using her mother’s mobile phone. The song is now three years old and all of a sudden, it is changing mrld’s life. How else would you think of fame that is now spreading to other shores without her lifting a finger.

Although mrld still has to gig in Jakarta, let alone visit Indonesia, her song just keeps on generating lots of streams and downloads and should hopefully enter the top berths one of these days. This will be mostly because of kids her age who relate to the positive message of the song.  You are better than museums, you are unique, you are lovable, you are not alone.

The going continues to be good for Cebu’s newest contribution to the music industry. mrld’s follow-up singles, all pop ballads with an alternative twist, are also doing very well. Think of over 60 million streams for her Ligaya. Then, there are also Ikaw Pa Rin, Maligayang Pagkukunwari and Just Because. Looks like her mantra of “Work until your idols become your rivals” has become a reality.

For her latest, mrld tries her hand with a cover tune. This is her version of If, which was composed by Nathan Azarcon and popularized by Rivermaya way back in the ‘90s. The song is in the soundtrack of the romantic drama, Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko, which stars Bela Padilla and South Korean actor Yoo Min Gon.

More new releases. Bandang Lapis of the phenomenal Sa Kabilang Buhay continues its poetic take on the new love song with Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak. With its usual combination of an engaging melody and simple but heartfelt lyrics, spiced with some rap, Bandang Lapis pays tribute to the “Dalagang Filipina,” in their latest. The band believes that the Filipino dalaga is the most special of beings and should be loved and worshiped and never, never reduced to tears.

Now also out is Hanggang Sa Buwan. This is the theme for the soon-to-air love story of Kalix and Luna, the lovers of the VivaOne series, The Rain in España. Composed by singer and songwriter Martin Riggs, the song is performed by OC Records’ fast-rising young discovery, Kenenaiah. The 17-year-old scored big on his first time out with his own composition, Bahala Na. Maybe, the romantic vibe of Hanggang Sa Buwan will give him the heartthrob image that befits his good looks.

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