LMKN inks MoU related to music royalty with associations

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Collective Management Institution (LMKN) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with multiple parties, including the Indonesian Music Promoter Association (APMI) and the event organizer community, to help address various likely royalty usage-related issues.

This agreement becomes important when event organizers (EOs) come under pressure from parties that seek to play songs or music that have not received a performing rights royalty license, LMKN’s official, Marcell Siahaan, explained.

In this scenario, the LMKN will back them up to protect them, he told ANTARA on Thursday.

Marcell affirmed that throughout this time, there are still EOs that encounter problems or are perplexed when they receive clients’ requests that tend to ignore the importance of paying performing rights royalty, especially in the commercial field.

He also acknowledged that several EOs were still nonchalant about royalty licenses for commercial use, though most of them are aware and fulfill their obligation.

“I expect EOs to protect their pride. Thus, if EOs have to deal with weird clients making all sorts of requests, then tell them to go to LMKN. We will handle them,” Siahaan remarked.

In addition to EOs, he expects all parties that deal with song and/or music use to understand the essence of copyright used in the commercial field.

“Copyrights will be nothing if no one produces and sings, which is why related rights exist,” he explained.

“Because in there, show producers and actors exist. Thus, three different sources related to their rights exist,” he stated.

According to Siahaan, users need to understand that when it comes to seeking profits, the basic ethic involves the willingness to appreciate the song owners.

“The philosophy is that while using and playing other people’s goods, specifically to earn money or for commercial purposes, then you need to pay,” he stressed.

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