Jericho set for new music and doccie


AWARD-WINNING local rapper Jericho Gawanab, also known as just Jericho, says he will release his seventh album, as well as a documentary on his career in music early next month.

The rapper says he has moved to the capital to devote himself entirely to music.

“People should expect more music and music videos from me now that I’m fully committed to the music industry,” he says.

He says with his sister serving as his new manager, he is now in a good position to resuscitate his music career.

The artist has also released a brand new song with his musical partner, Dixon, titled ‘Tsau Ta Ko’, meaning “I am tired”, according to Jericho.

“It’s about being underdressed for life and tired of moving around too much. But no matter what happens, I will always find solace and calm at my mother’s house, where she always welcomes me with warmth.”

The song, which was produced by DJ Chronic and mixed and mastered by Elvo, is now streamable and downloadable from

Jericho is also about to release a music video for the song ‘All Alone’, which features Elvo and Armando from the Noble Lashes.

The video, directed by Bloskid and produced by Optimistic Films, will be accessible on YouTube this month.

Jericho says for his upcoming album, ‘Rebuild’, he has collaborated with Tswazi, Dixon, Damaradikding, Keynote from Mazanga, and radio host Treza.

Additionally, he included a few up-and-coming musicians, like XT Namibia, Vuurman, Remedy, and Daisy.

Jericho says ‘Rebuild’ is a follow-up to ‘The Recovery’.

He says the album is about transforming negative emotions into positive ones.

He says he is mindful of his lyrics, and the beats he uses are modernised versions of old-school hip-hop, R&B and some Afro-pop.

Fans can expect the same vibes he is known for, he says.

“To constantly maintain one’s identity and never use a false identity to obtain something, stay the course,” the singer says.

Jericho says he is also working on a documentary, which will be released on social media platforms soon.

“The documentary is primarily about my past experiences, what I’ve been through, where I come from and my musical upbringing.”

He says it includes his life story, as well as information about his relatives and various influences.

“… the fundamentals and minor tweaks of my failing to rebuild my new life,” he says.

Before the album’s release, Jericho says he will release two more songs and music videos.

Jericho became the first hip-hop musician to win the best male musician award category at the 2011 Namibian Annual Music Awards, as well as two other categories.

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