Is Freddy Dodge Sick? Fans Are Worried Amid His


The Colorado Man, Freddy Dodge, reminds us of gold and adventure. Gold Rush fans know how he helps the struggling mine owners increase the gold haul and get their share from the profit. He also knows he will not get anything if there is no profit.

Freddy shares his knowledge related to gold hunting in every episode and helps the owners mine and sluice gold. Thus, he is the cheat code for gold mining. It is not only about running the operation better but also reducing the costs.

We know how dedicated Discovery Channel is to providing non-fictional educational content to its viewers. Freddy Dodge escalated its level by joining the channel through the Gold Rush spin-off, ‘Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue’ in 2020.

Many lone wolfs, families, and groups hunt for gold but quit at a point. It is when they call the ‘Gold Guru,’ Freddy Dodge, who has been in this field for over forty years. However, his fans are worried about his weight loss nowadays.

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Is Freddy Dodge Sick?

Freddy Dodge’s fans include some who follow him thoroughly and care for him. They noticed him looking unhealthy. Freddy had put on some weight over the years, but now he has lost weight, and his fans are worried for him.

Some fans think he lost weight due to the wear and tear of running a business and working hard in the gold mines. On the other hand, his fans know he was fighting cancer a few years ago, and the weight loss must be its result.

Freddy Dodge In Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue
Freddy Dodge In Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue (Credit: Discovery Plus)

Freddy’s red puffy face and big eyebags disappoint his fans. However, they are glad he is out and does hard-labor jobs instead of only sitting or lying before the TV due to lack of energy. Freddy dived into the beaver and bore all that when his fans thought he was sick in 2017.

Freddy is a fifty-seven years old 182-pound beast and a bodybuilder who stands strong like a bull which is far better than being a couch potato. In one of the Gold Rush episodes, he expressed his wish to get checked up for cancer as he thought he had the potential of getting one. It is when his fans got worried.

However, Freddy got declared cancer-free in 2017. So the rumors said that he was battling cancer in 2017, but his recent appearance on his gold mining show shows that he is all right now.

Freddy is a family man who puts effort into living a quality life with his wife, Lisa, and two kids. He remains active on his Twitter account and has more than 70.5k followers. It is how he updates his fans about his well-being though he has not yet mentioned his health condition on the platform.

What Does Freddy Dodge Do Now?

Freddy is currently busy mining gold with his partner, Juan, in ‘Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy and Juan’ that got premiered on 23 June 2023. It is the third season of Freddy Dodge’s Gold Rush spin-off. The upcoming episode will air on 07 July 2023 (Friday) on Discovery Channel.

Freddy works at remote locations under unfavorable environments and tight deadlines due to environmental regulations. This season, he will get assisted by another miner named Juan.

Freddy Dodge And Juan Ibarra
Freddy Dodge And Juan Ibarra (Credit: Discovery+)

In the first episode of the third season, we saw poor Mike, a gold miner for two years, used to focus only on getting gold nuggets. The two percent gold he lost every time was nothing to him, but Juan proved him wrong, and he was in tears.

Apart from being a gold miner, Freddy is a businessman, prospector, and actor. His net worth is $400,000, and most part of his income comes from professional gold digging. According to his statement in an interview, Juan and he make an excellent pair.

Freddy can carry heavy machinery and gets admired for his mining skills. He has won several awards, including Television Music Awards and ASCAP Film.

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