Instagram Adds New Music Options, Including Soundtracks for


Music on static posts or profiles feels very MySpace, but maybe there’s a place for it, and maybe, making people listen to some Jack Jones track over your holiday snaps will improve the viewing experience.

Instagram seems to think so, as it’s adding another music element, with users now able to add a song that will play over photo carousel posts.

Instagram carousels music

As explained by IG:

Whether you’re sharing a collection of summer memories with friends or moments from your camera roll, you can now add music to your photo carousels. Building off our launch of music for feed photos, anyone can add a song to capture the mood and bring their carousel to life.

Instagram added photos for feed photos last November, as part of its expanded music licensing agreements with the major labels.

And now, you can play songs over your carousel uploads as well, which could be good for adding contextual atmosphere, and could end up being popular among some use groups.

In addition to this, Instagram’s also expanding its collaborative posting feature, which will enable you to post an update with up to three other people, and will then see that update shown to a broader audience.

“Now, you can invite up to three friends to co-author a feed post, carousel or reel. Once they accept, the content will reach each collaborator’s audience and appear on each account’s profile grid.”

Instagram music features

It’s an expansion on Instagram’s original collaborative posts option, which it first launched back in 2021. Instagram previewed this latest update last month, with this announcement officially confirming that it’s expanding collabs to three people.

Interestingly, Instagram’s also testing another collaborative posting element that would enable you to share updates that anyone else would be able to contribute to, leaning into that collaborative approach.

Instagram add to post

Participating has become a much bigger focus, as opposed to passive consumption, and by enabling people to add their own take, that could help Instagram facilitate more engagement on event snaps, experiences, etc.

Finally, Instagram says that it’s expanding access to its Music Library, with more regions to get access to the resource “in the coming weeks”.

On another front, Instagram’s also partnering with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil on a new initiative that will highlight 50 of the most popular songs from Instagram Reels, with a new Reels Music Chart on Spotify.

Given the role that TikTok now plays in powering chart hits, this is something of a coup for parent company Meta, which will put more focus on Reels as an originator of music trends.

Music plays an important part in social media communication, and it’s undoubtedly a critical thematic connector for younger audiences. As such, it makes sense for Instagram to add in more music options, even if it means that you might end up being subjected to some objectionably nostalgic tracks when viewing people’s holiday snaps.

Though I do look forward to subjecting my (few) followers to my favorite music as well. They’re gonna’ hate it.

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