Here’s Everything That Carries Over From ‘Modern Warfare


Today, Activision released a FAQ that explains how content from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II transfers or carries over from that game to this year’s upcoming Modern Warfare III.

It’s a pretty long, very detailed post about how all of this works, but I’ll sum it up here more briefly. Essentially:

  • Everything listed below applies to content moving from MWII forward to MWIII. Nothing moves the other direction. A MWIII gun cannot be used in MWII, but a MWII gun can be used in MWIII. Everything applies to both MWII and Warzone, which will have items and Operators from both games.
  • Most cosmetics and all guns will transfer over from MWII to MWIII. Some won’t. This includes Wartracks (likely due to music licensing issues) and some tactical and lethal equipment that won’t be available in both games. If a vehicle isn’t available in MWIII, any vehicle skins will not transfer over.
  • If you don’t unlock the gun in MWII you won’t be able to use it in MWIII.
  • Camos will transfer, but only be available on your MWII guns. There will be all-new camo challenges for MWIII guns.
  • There will be a bunch of new guns and Operators and cosmetics available only in MWIII, but these can be used alongside whatever you bring from MWII.
  • If you don’t unlock the “base Operator” in MWII you can’t use the base Operator in MWIII, but you could still use Operator skins purchased as part of a bundle.
  • Operators will be the same in both games if they’re in both games. For example, Captain Price will be just one Operator across both MWII and MWIII. There won’t be different versions to select between games. There will be new, unique MWIII Operators (and guns, etc.) but these have not been revealed yet.

All told, what this means is almost all of your Modern Warfare II content will be available to use in Modern Warfare III, which is a massive course correction for Call Of Duty which has, in the past, reset everything every year. Even in the last Warzone, when you could use guns from three different games, those guns weren’t available in each of those games. You couldn’t use the Kilo from Modern Warfare in Black Ops Cold War or Vanguard. This is a major departure from the series standard and a very good thing for those of us who have spent money on cosmetics and time unlocking guns, attachments and camos.

I’m not sure this could always work—I don’t want modern guns in a WWII shooter, for instance—but it’s nice that they’re making it happen with these two games, especially since they’re released back-to-back as part of the same sub-franchise.

You can watch the Makarov trailer and learn more about the reveal event right here.

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