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By Chris Cooke | Published on Thursday 20 July 2023


Five Asian collecting societies have announced that they are collaborating on a new licensing hub – also backed by US society SESAC – which will manage the licensing and administration of the five organisation’s respective repertoires in the digital domain in an assortment of markets outside of Asia.

The five societies involved in what is known as the Asian Alliance Music Rights Organization are FILSCAP (Philippines), WAMI (Indonesia), MACP (Malaysia), MCT (Thailand) and VCPMC (Vietnam). The venture will work in partnership with MINT Digital Services, the digital licensing joint venture between SESAC and Swiss collecting society SUISA.

The five participating societies say in a joint statement: “We firmly believe in the power of music to transcend borders and connect people from different cultures. This collaboration opens up new avenues for our talented Asian music authors to reach a global audience and ensures that they receive fair compensation for the usage of their works outside of Asia”.

“By leveraging this collaboration”, they go on, “we are committed to unlocking the full potential of Asian music authors and showcasing the rich diversity of our musical heritage to audiences worldwide. We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to working closely with AAMRO, MINT Digital Services and our fellow Asian affiliated societies to drive positive change and promote the interests of our valued music authors”.

Confirming its involvement in the new hub, SESAC’s President International Alexander Wolf says: “As a long-time collaborator with all the Asian collection societies, I am THRILLED that we are joining forces to create an organisation dedicated to expanding music licensing and administration of their musical works outside the region”.

“It is critical that we support Asian music creators and publishers with best-in-class data matching, licensing and administration services outside of Asia”, he continues, “to increase royalties and enhance the careers of these talented songwriters and composers”.

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