FIFTY FIFTY’s Handwritten Messages Expose the REAL Story


In a move that has captured the attention of fans and media alike, K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY’s members – Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keena – have taken to social media to address the ongoing controversy surrounding their agency and contracts.

A Candid Revelation: Sharing Perspectives and Aspirations

The group, known for their energetic performances and captivating music, have faced turmoil and misunderstandings in the aftermath of the “Betrayal Idols” scandal.

In a heartfelt handwritten letter posted on their Instagram account, the members candidly shared their perspective, intentions, and future aspirations.

The “Betrayal Idols” scandal had cast doubt on their unity, causing internal conflict and external accusations that spread like wildfire. However, the group remained resolute, aiming to unearth the truth amid the adversities they faced.

  As previously reported, FIFTY FIFTY filed an application for the suspension of their exclusive contract with the Seoul Central District Court on June 19th, alleging breaches of obligation and support from their agency, Attrakt.

The group’s handwritten letter reiterated their belief in an underlying truth that deserves to be uncovered, leading to further understanding and support from their devoted fanbase.

Addressing their fans with sincerity and humility, FIFTY FIFTY’s letter conveyed their appreciation for the love and encouragement they had received. The group pledged to channel this support into their music, vowing to return the favor by working even harder in the future.


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While expressing the pain of confronting false stories in the media and social platforms, FIFTY FIFTY emphasized their careful approach to the matter.

They maintained that their legal actions didn’t constitute an admission of guilt, but rather a strategic response aimed at finding resolution through factual analysis in the court.

The members collectively expressed their dedication to stand united, even amidst the challenging circumstances they find themselves in. They yearned for an environment that fosters their artistic endeavors and pledged to do their utmost to turn this aspiration into reality.

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With the intention of dispelling doubts and misunderstandings, FIFTY FIFTY concluded their letter with a plea for objectivity and understanding from their fans and the public.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “The last sentences ,go girls. Fight for your truth and hard work and show what true artists means by owning your own music. You deserve it!!”
  • “It has been heartbreaking to see many untrue stories being reported in the media articles and social media these days.” 
  • “The quickest downfall from top to the bottom of all time. I hope we’ll get to see the real facts about this issue, but one thing i know is that a lot of people have lost their respect for 5050 members and if they lose in court, their career might not be recovered ever again.”
  • “Do what u think is right we will be here always sending love to you all i hope the situation can be resolved for everyone “
  • “thank you for this fifis! we will be in this fight with youuu”
  • “I’ll always be by their side, they don’t deserve to have gone thru any of this”

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