Don Jazzy urges fans to explore music investment opportunities

Launched by African platform ARTSPLIT last year, MusicSplit allows fans to own a fraction of a music project and receive monthly royalties. It takes the estimated value of a music project and divides it into 100 000 units – or ‘splits’ – to allow fans to finance it and make a profit.

“With such innovations, you don’t just enjoy great music. You can start investing in your favourite songs and earn monthly royalties,” Don Jazzy said.

The arrangement allows artists to sell splits of their songs’ royalties and artwork for their albums and EPs, offering them an alternative investment option.

It also provides them with more control over the music they own and allows them to make their own business decisions while strengthening relationships with their fans. 

MusicSplit’s maiden online auction will feature Nigerian artist King Perryy’s upcoming EP Continental Playlist set for release on 10 February.

“Our goal has always been to democratise access to investment in African art and artists, and with MusicSplit we’re making that a reality,” ARTSPLIT executive director for technology and communications Onyinye Anyaegbu said.

“With MusicSplit, creators can offer a percentage of their upcoming projects for users to invest in and directly fund. Artists benefit from debt-free funding while maintaining artistic freedom and benefit from access to a high-yielding asset class. As a result, we have met our goal of providing alternative investments for everyone.”

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