Diddy claims he was “joking” about payments to Sting

Diddy claims he was “joking” about unsettled music rights payments to Sting

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The rapper Diddy has followed recent claims that he was being forced to pay Sting $5000 a day for unsettled music rights over his sampling of ‘Every Breath You Take’ by saying that he was simply “joking”.

Following the resurfacing of an interview during which Sting commented on the favourable royalties he receives from ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ which samples The Police’s 1983, Diddy claimed he has to pay $5000 per day for the rest of his life. 

He has since Tweeted, stating: “I want y’all to understand I was joking! It’s called being facetious! Me and @OfficialSting have been friends for a long time! He never charged me $3K or $5K a day for ‘Missing You.’ He probably makes more than $5K a day from one of the biggest songs in history.”

The track was the biggest chart-topping hit in 1983. It has since recieved over 15 million radio plays and it charted at 25 on Billboard’s compiled All-Time Top 100 Songs list. Drummer Stewart Copeland commented: “We made gazillions off of it, and it’s the biggest hit we ever had.”

The sampling charge for the single has never been publicly cited.

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