COSCAP signs MOU with South African sister organisation

The Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Inc (COSCAP) is helping to facilitate local artistes entering the South African market through a new agreement signed with its sister organisation in that country.

Chief Executive Officer of COSCAP Erica Smith said the copyright membership organisation recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the South African Music Performance Association (SAMPRA).

She explained that while there had been several similar agreements in place already, this new MOU has a development aspect.

“COSCAP has signed over 50 such agreements with similar organisations worldwide over the years and these have generally been limited to the management of rights and the payment of royalties. However, with SAMPRA, an innovative and more developmentally focused agreement has been executed,” Smith said in a statement.

“The agreement signed with SAMPRA not only includes the collection and payment of remuneration but also focuses on developing the market between the two countries through the facilitation of creative collaborations, recording and performances by members together in each other’s markets, starting in November 2023.”

The COSCAP CEO further explained that the MOU includes training and capacity-building initiatives for members and the staff of each organisation.

“COSCAP hopes that this agreement with SAMPRA will serve as a model with other organisations and indeed, interest has already been expressed,” she said.

Explaining the rationale behind the MOU, Smith said: “We operate in an industry that is subjected to constant change. Amid this change, we must adapt, be agile and responsive to the demands of our members. Operating in a market which does not yet have the required institutional framework, much is expected of COSCAP and while our mandate is quite limited, we must still try to meet members’ needs to the extent possible – education and skills development, market entry and expansion, lobbying and advocacy.”

The MOU was signed at the end of last month during the meeting of the Sub-Saharan African Conference of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), in Nairobi.

Smith said High Commissioner of Barbados to Kenya, William A. McDonald attended the signing “and gave his support along with representatives of the Kenyan government, IFPI, Sub-Saharan African music organisations and representatives of the major record companies”.

COSCAP represents the performing and reproduction rights in the music of composers, authors and publishers, and the related rights of performers and producers of sound recordings and videograms. (PR/MM)

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