Circle Chart Reveals Artists Who Topped Monthly,

Circle Chart has announced its monthly and weekly chart, containing artists who rose up with their 2023 releases. The results were revealed on May 12.

Read to see who are included on the chart!

Circle Chart Announces Monthly & Weekly Rankings

Monthly Album Chart

SEVENTEEN's 'FML' Surpasses 4 Million Copies + Becomes First-Ever K-pop Album to Achieve Feat

(Photo : Twitter: @pledis_17)

For the monthly album chart, SEVENTEEN took the No. 1 spot with their 10th mini album “FML.” They were also followed by IVE’s first-ever full-length album “I’ve IVE” at No. 2, while Suga’s first solo album “D-DAY” made it on No. 3.

On No. 4, sub-unit NCT DOJAEJUNG claimed the spot with debut album “Perfume,” and SEVENTEEN’s Weverse version of “FML” completed the top 5.

Weekly Album Chart

LE SSERAFIM Dance Challenge Bombarded with Hate Comments: Fans Overreacting?

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For the week of April 30 to May 6, Circle Chart recorded brand new comebacks. The first two spots were claimed by LE SSERAFIM, who landed at No. 1 with “UNFORGIVEN,” and No. 2 with its Weverse version. Notably, their first full-length album debuted at No. 1 with 1.1 million sales.

This was followed by BTOB, who debuted their 12th mini album “Wind And Wish,” and NewJeans’ “OMG” which climbed 45 spots to secure No. 4. Lastly, TWICE claimed No. 5 with “READY TO BE.”

Monthly Digital & Streaming Charts

Trending IVE, 'Kitsch' craze that never cools down... #1 on 6 music charts

(Photo : IVE Twitter)

For both monthly digital and streaming charts, IVE’s pre-release song “Kitsch” and title track “I AM” landed on No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. “Kitsch” earned first place after jumping 82 places, as it also climbed 94 places to dominate streaming chart’s No. 1.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “FLOWER” made it on No. 3, trailed by NewJeans’ entries on the last two spots, namely “Ditto” in No. 4 and “Hype Boy” in No. 5.

Weekly Digital Chart

IVE Jang Wonyoung's 'Improved' Live Vocals Garners Attention Following THIS Clip

(Photo : IVE (Instagram))

IVE defended their position on Circle’s weekly digital chart, with “I AM” claiming No. 1, followed by “Kitsch” on No. 2. SEVENTEEN’s “Super” entered No. 3, and LE SSERAFIM’s new track “UNFORGIVEN” (feat. Nile Rodgers) entered for the first time at No. 4. Jisoo’s “FLOWER” rounded the top five.   

Weekly Streaming Chart

IVE, official character MINIVE revealed… Resembles the members, 'cute'

(Photo : IVE Twitter)

On Circle’s streaming chart, IVE held to their spot in No. 1 with “I AM,” earning them a double crown in the rankings. “Kitsch” followed on No. 2, “FLOWER” on No. 3, “UNFORGIVEN” at No. 4, and “Ditto” at No. 5.

Monthly Global K-pop Chart

BLACKPINK Jisoo, flower beauty over flowers

(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

Jisoo’s “FLOWER” soared 89 ranks to take No. 1 on April’s Global K-pop chart. On second place, FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” (Twin Version) entered, which was followed by “I AM” at No. 3, “Kitsch” at No. 4, and “OMG at No. 5.

Weekly Global K-pop Chart

Continued uptrend... FIFTY FIFTY, 'CUPID' arrow shot at the billboard

(Photo : FIFTY FIFTY Twitter)

FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” (Twin Version) swapped with IVE’s “I AM” for the No. 1 spot. “FLOWER” secured No. 3, “UNFORGIVEN” at No. 4, and “Super” at No. 5.

Monthly Download Chart

Lim Young Woong

(Photo : Instagram: @limyoungwoong.official)

Lim Young Woong defended his places at Circle’s monthly download chart with “London Boy” at No. 1 and “Polaroid” at No. 2. “I AM” earned the No. 3 spot, trailed by “Super” at No. 4 and NCT DOJAEJUNG’s “Perfume” on No. 5.

Weekly Download Chart

SEVENTEEN's 'FML' Surpasses 4 Million Copies + Becomes First-Ever K-pop Album to Achieve Feat

(Photo : Twitter: @pledis_17)

SEVENTEEN claimed the first two spots in the weekly download chart with “Super” at No. 1 and “F*ck My Life” at No. 2. Lim Young Woong also landed two places with “London Boy” at No. 3 and “Polaroid” at No. 4. BTOB’s “Wind And Wish” placed No. 5.

Monthly Social Chart

BLACKPINK Jisoo, cat-like beauty

(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

Jisoo has reigned the monthly social chart on No. 1, dethroning her own group BLACKPINK, who placed No. 2. BTS placed at No. 3, NewJeans at No. 4, and Choi Yu Ree at No. 5.

Weekly Social Chart

BLACKPINK Jisoo, you shine more than flowers... Holding a big bouquet the size of her body and smiling

(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

Likewise, Jisoo placed on No. 1, BLACKPINK on No. 2, and BTS on No. 3. However, Choi Yu Ree moved up to No. 4, while Lim Young Woong earned No. 5.

Congratulations to all artists!

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