BTS Member Jung Kook’s Latest Marketing Move Is A


BTS singer Jung Kook surprised his legion of fans by dropping two tracks a little more than a week ago. The two tunes, “Still With You” and “My You,” were known to super fans as they were recorded and released in a limited capacity years ago, but they were never made widely available. Now, these two cuts have become Billboard charting hits and have set Jung Kook up for more success.

On Friday, July 14, Jung Kook will drop his highly-anticipated new song “Seven.” The track is being billed as his first proper solo single, so it seems like a very big deal for him, and it may also be the first taste of his forthcoming debut album or EP. It might seem counterintuitive to release music just ahead of another very important drop, but actually, Jung Kook made a very wise marketing move.

Releasing “Still With You” and “My You” earned Jung Kook several days of headlines. Because of his immense popularity, many media outlets covered the drop, and then some did so again when the tunes reached the Billboard charts. These stories put his name back into the minds of millions, and many of those articles mentioned his forthcoming single, which seems like it was the real goal.

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Fans all around the world talked about the surprise on social media, which in many ways can be more important than traditional media coverage, as it is much more likely to reach those who care most. The chatter around “Still With You” and “My You” hyped up his die-hard followers and reminded others that this is Jung Kook’s month. With “Seven” right around the corner, both his play on social and in the press kept his name front and center and prepped both fans and journalists to continue to cover him in the near future.

Perhaps the best part of this entire marketing plan? It didn’t require almost any effort. Jung Kook didn’t have to write and record new music, only to have it serve as a promotional play for another single. These are songs he had done and ready to go, and while some true followers already knew of them and had listened to them, millions of others—many of whom have only come to know and love Jung Kook in the past few years—heard them for the first time. So to them, the songs were essentially new.

Marketing a new project, be it an album or a song, can be time-intensive and very expensive. Communications teams, music videos and advertising costs can run into the millions, depending on the artist and the project. So those in the music industry tasked with promoting music are always looking for smart ways to get the word out for as little money as they can spend. All Jung Kook had to do was finally upload some older tracks to streaming and download platforms, and he’s already prepared the world for the main event: his single “Seven.” And it may have been the most effective and easiest part of his rollout plan.

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