BLACKPINK Jennie Reportedly To Make Solo Comeback Following


Is JNK1 finally coming? According to a report, an unreleased song under the idol’s name is already being registered, raising high expectations about her return to the music scene.

Jennie To Reportedly Make Solo Comeback After BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal

In an exclusive article by TV Report, it says that analysts are positive that BLACKPINK Jennie will renew her contract with YG Entertainment and claims the idol’s upcoming solo comeback.

On August 8, BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th anniversary with BLINKs, and reminisced about the group’s history and progress. During their celebration, BLACKPINK also hinted at their desire to continue as a group amid threats of a “7-Year Curse.”


(Photo : Jennie (Instagram)

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However, no official position has been made by YG Entertainment aside from its initial statement, saying:

“BLACKPINK’s renewal is under discussion.”

Nevertheless, music insiders argued that the future of BLACKPINK is bright. According to music officials, Jennie’s potential solo career is also expected.

In preparation for her solo return, it was reported that on August 9, Jennie’s solo song, “You & Me,” was registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

ASCAP is an organization that allows song creators to receive fair compensation when music is played publicly, according to its website.


(Photo : Jennie (twitter)

As the unreleased song is registered on ASCAP, speculation is pouring out that Jennie’s first solo album will be released soon.

Although it is still in the process of registering for the association, BLINKs are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s group activities and Jennie’s solo comeback.

After all, it has been long since Jennie debuted as a soloist with her single, “SOLO,” in 2018. Five years had passed and she has only shown her unreleased song, “You & Me,” during the team’s world tour, raising fans’ expectations for its official release.

BLACKPINK Nominated in 4 Categories at 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, the group to which Jennie belongs was nominated for four categories at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMAs), an American music awards ceremony, showing the potential of K-pop.


(Photo : twitter|@BLACKPINK@)

MTV VMAs is considered one of the four major U.S. pop music awards, along with the Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards. It started in 1984 and boasts a history of more than 40 years, and awards are presented in about 24 categories.

The ceremony will be held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on September 12.

According to MTV VMAs on August 10 then, the quartet was nominated for “Best K-pop,” “Best Choreography,” “Best Art Direction,” and “Best Editing” for its second full-length pre-release song, “Pink Venom.” In 2020, the group was nominated for the awarding ceremony for the first time and won the “Best Song This Summer” for “How You Like That.”


(Photo : twitter|@BLACKPINK@)

BLACKPINK, which has established itself as the world’s top girl group, has high expectations if they will be able to surpass as well their initial record of bagging two medals in 2022 after winning the “Best Metaverse Performance” for their song, “Ready for Love” and ” Best K-pop” for Lisa’s “Lalisa.”

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