Bambie Thug drops new single Egregore and announces London…

Catch Bambie Thug at the Underworld in London on April 27, alongside Witch Fever and Gender Crisis, and at Download Festival in June.

On May 18, they will play a show at London’s Black Heart to raise money for London Trans Pride. Speaking about the show and its cause, Bambie says, “We are living in dystopian times. Across the world, human rights are in constant danger of being slashed and here, on our home soil, we are witnessing a drastic rise in transphobia and anti-trans rhetoric and legislation. I am so tired of this world and its broken systems.

“The fact is: people hate us because we dare to live our truth. We are free. That awakens a toxic, internal rot in those who cannot unravel themselves from the moulds they have been forced into by society. They hate us because they hate themselves so deeply. They resent us for breaking the cycles of this damaged world and being ourselves. This show is to raise funds for London Trans Pride, which continues to support and fight for freedom, autonomy, justice and love.

“Every year I go to both Pride and Trans Pride and the key difference I’ve noticed between the two is the amount of people showing up. Despite the ever-growing numbers of our trans siblings lost to the violence of transphobia in this country, and despite our ever-growing cries for more support and action, I find myself asking where the rest of the LGBTQIA+ community are when Trans Pride comes along. Where are the allies who, a week or so prior, were out on the street dancing?

Have we all forgotten that pride is a protest not a party? How can we call ourselves a community if no one shows up for those who need support the most? I want London Trans Pride to get the coverage, the support, the funds, and anything else it needs to grow. It is a cause very close to my heart. Join us on May 18 at the Black Heart! TRANS RIGHTS NOW.”

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