BADBADNOTGOOD & Turnstile Remix EP Is The Collab You Didn’t


French-Canadian jazz troupe BADBADNOTGOOD has a reputation for unlikely collaborations. There was 2015’s Ghostface Killah joint Sour Soul, and even a posthumous collab with MF DOOM, “The Chocolate Conquistadors“, that was only available as a Grand Theft Auto 5 downloadable package. Now, BADBADNOTGOOD has remixed and redubbed a trio of Turnstile songs on the new EP, New Heart Designs.

Like Turnstile but wish it wasn’t so angry? Well, BADBADNOTGOOD has the answer with these jazz redubs of “Mystery”, “Alien Love Call”, and “Underwater Boi” from Turnstile’s Grammy-nominated 2021 disc Glow On. The jazz cats from Canada slow it way down, playing up the Police-y feel in “Alien Love Call”. Absent the heavy power chords and yelling, BADBADNOTGOOD brings out the ornate depth in the Baltimore-post-hardcore rockers.

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Check out the BADBADNOTGOOD and Turnstile collaboration below. BADBAD has a spring tour of the U.S. planned while Turnstile is currently in the midst of an international tour. For tickets visit either BADBADNOTGOOD or Turnstile’s websites.

BADBADNOTGOOD – New Heart Designs (Turnstile)

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