Bad Bunny Where She Goes lyrics: What is the

BABY Bunny dropped his most single Where She Goes in May 2023, and fans are going crazy looking for the hidden meanings behind it.

The Puerto Rican singer has been dating Kendall Jenner since February 2023 – and the new track’s lyrics seem to be riddled with hints of their relationship.

Bad Bunny's fans are going wild over his release - Where She Goes


Bad Bunny’s fans are going wild over his release – Where She GoesCredit: Getty

What are Bad Bunny’s Where She Goes lyrics?

On May 18, 2023, Bad Bunny – whose real name is Benito Martínez -released his much-awaited new single after teasing it for weeks along with a music video that features the likes of Frank Ocean.

The lyrics have plenty of cryptic hints that might be in reference to his current romance with The Kardashians star, Kendall.

He sings: “Baby, tell me the truth, If you already forgot me, I know that it was only one night, That it won’t happen again.

“Maybe in you I wanted to find, What I lost in another one, Your pride does not want to talk to me, So we are gonna compete, let see, ey.”

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He seems to have a one-night stand with a woman – possibly Kendall – who he can’t stop thinking about and who he wants to develop further feelings for if other things didn’t get in the way.

The song takes an x-rated turn with plenty of sexual innuendoes followed by Bad Bunny’s cheeky admission: “It’s just that I am playful, it’s just that I’m naughty, ey.”

The music video features the singer standing on a mountaintop with a barren expanse of Californian landscape behind him.

He starts driving through the desert at full-speed while the video cuts to flashbacks of running horses and a beautiful, tall brunette woman, who looks a lot like his current model girlfriend.

It follows with brief cameos of a star-studded cast at a Burning Man-style party, including Lil Uzi Vert, Dominic Fike, Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, Isabella Manderson, Julian Consuegra, Juliana Nalú, Sabrina Zada, and Ysham Avdulahi.

Bad Bunny and his on-screen lover seem to be teasing each other all evening but firmly have their eyes locked on each other.

What do the Where She Goes lyrics mean?

The lyrics seem to have plenty to unwrap, including more obvious references to his headline-hitting relationship with The Kardashians star.

“I like your flow / Quietly you always steal the show,” he sings, which seems to hint at Kendall’s catwalk appearances.

Promoting the new single to Zane Lowe before its release, Bad Bunny pinpointed the moment of inspiration at around the exact time he started publicly dating Kendall.

He told Lowe: “I remember, like two months ago, I had this feeling, I had this vibe, and I remind about this bit.

“I look for it and I say when I play it, I just start to sing automatically. I just start.

“So I went straight to the studio with my guy… and I told him, ‘Yo, I think I have a new anthem’.”

The accompany video features angels, horses and scorpions, which fans have alleged is a clear homage to his supermodel girlfriend.

The Victoria Secret model’s zodiac sign is Scorpio and she is utterly horse-obsessed.

The pair were even pictured cuddling and kissing on a horse-riding date together in April 2023.

Does Bad Bunny write all his own music?

The new track is written by Bad Bunny himself and he reunited with long-time collaborators including producer Mag and engineer La Paciencia.

Almost all of his music backlog is written by himself or co-written and in July 2020 he was named songwriter of the year by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

In 2020, he told W Magazine about the process behind his catchy hits: “I have, like, a mechanical process that I call mecánico, and it’s the one that I like the least.

“And then there is the real process, the one with the muse, with the creativity, that comes on suddenly, when you weren’t expecting it.

“Your subconscious is talking to you about what you are feeling without you knowing, and it comes out, a lot of times, when I’m alone at night.

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“I write sad songs at night. Happy songs I write during the day, after working out, after a fun day.

“And so I can adapt a lot when it’s time to write, but that’s the process I like the most—the one where, when I feel it, it comes out naturally in the moment, without even knowing where the lyrics are coming from. But they come.”

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