Bad Bunny Makes History At Coachella And Dr. Simi Appears Again

One of the most anticipated singers of the coachella festival is the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny who precisely made history by being the first headliner Latino for the first time in the history of this musical event.

Yesterday a new edition of the coachella festival which takes place every year in the desert of Indio, California, in the United States, and is organized by the entertainment company Golden Voice.

The festival will take place from Friday, April 14 to Sunday, April 16 and from Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23, with the same performances and schedules at each end, due to the high demand that the massive event usually has where they will be presented. blackpink, Frank Ocean, Rosalía, Gorillaz, Björk, Kali Uchis, Becky G, Burna Boy, Charlie XCX, among others.

Practically Bad Bunny He is the singer of the moment, since he has given a lot to talk about with his music, a few months ago it was announced that he was once again the most listened to artist in the industry. During the year 2022, the singer gathered more than 18 thousand 500 million streams. In 2020 and 2021 it was also the most listened to, and in 2021 alone it had 9.1 billion views, it also managed to gather more than 5.3 billion views on YouTube, only surpassed by the South Korean band bts.

Bad Bunny makes history at Coachella and Dr. Simi is present again

He dr simi It is one of the most popular botargas in Mexico and has managed to position itself in the best way in most of the concerts that take place not only in the country but also abroad, and that is that several people have chosen to customize Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals to throw them on stage, this has been done already a trend that is usually present, this fact began when they threw it at the artist Aurora Aksnes at his show at the Corona Capital in 2021.

The strategy that is carried out with Dr. Simi is that of “ambush marketing.According to some specialists, this term can be defined as a strategy of marketing that companies use for the purpose of advertising, taking advantage of the popularity and positioning of brands related to a high-impact event (musical, sporting events, etc.), although it should be noted that this happens without paying royalties or being official sponsors of the event. same.

yesterday in the coachella festival during the presentation of Bad Bunny the traditional action of throwing a stuffed animal from the dr simi, and before this the singer decided to lift the doll from the stage with which he walked for a few minutes while he sang some songs.

So much Bad Bunny as Dr. Simi represent a success story in terms of your personal marketing.

During the festival, the Puerto Rican singer advised his fans not to believe the false accusations against him, and it is clear that he is doing everything possible to clear his name after the controversy that arose with a fan who took away her phone and then throw it away.

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