Bad Bunny And Taylor Swift Among The 10 Highest-paid Artists In The World In 2022: Forbes

Like every year, the magazine Forbes published his list of the highest paid artists in the world 2022 edition. Figures from the entertainment industry such as musicians, producers, directors and creators appear in the ranking.

In the musical field we find Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny representing millennials and centennials. However, those who dominate the list are veteran rock stars like Sting, The Rolling Stones and a first place that no one saw coming.

Most increased their fortunes after selling all or part of their music catalog, as did Justin Bieber last January for $200 million. Although that was not enough to get him to this list.

Also noteworthy are the millionaire earnings of the creators of The Simpson and South Park, two series that already count as ‘vintage’ after 33 and 26 years on the air, respectively. The sequel Avatar, The Way of Water has grossed more than $2 billion at the box office, which is reflected in the director’s account James Cameron.

The publication notes that this trend “demonstrates that investors still view popular music with deep libraries as a safe bet.” That is to say, they prefer the formulas proven in music, film, television and streaming.

In total, the highest-paid artists of 2022 grossed an estimated 1,350 million dollars. While that’s an impressive figure, it’s only half of what the top 10 artists of 2021 earned, including Jay Z, Kanye ‘Ye’ West and bruce springsteen.

These are the 10 highest paid artists globally in 2022:

1. Genesis – $230 million

The British band, pioneers of progressive rock, sold the rights to their music for $300 million to Concord Music Group in September. The agreement excludes the work of musician Peter Gabriel, one of the four founding members. However, it does cover some songs by Phil Collins, another musical legend who passed through their ranks. And his reunion tour ‘The Last Domino?’ it generated an estimated $27 million, “enough to win the top spot on the list for the first time,” they say.

2. Sting – 210 million

In February 2022, Universal Music Group acquired the entire production of the 71-year-old rockstar for 300 million. The deal includes hits from his time in the group and his solo career.

3. Tyler Perry – 175 million

The American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and businessman is the only one on the list with an estimated fortune of $1 billion. This is his second year on the list of the highest-paid entertainers “thanks to simultaneous income streams from movies, his BET TV shows and the sprawling production studio he owns in Atlanta,” Forbes explains.

4. Trey Parker and Matt Stone – $160 million

The co-creators of the controversial and endearing series ‘South Park’, released in 1997, signed an agreement with Paramount in 2021 for 935 million dollars. In exchange, Parker and Stone made a six-year commitment to make new episodes of the series for Comedy Central and create several spin-off for Paramount+. They also managed to raise 20 million dollars in an investment round for their new startup of deepfake and they have “profits from an agreement inherited from HBO Max and Book of Mormon, its musical comedy,” they explain.

5. James L. Brooks and Matt Groening – $105 million

The duo that gave life to The Simpsons migrated all 30 seasons to Disney+ in April 2019, after Mickey Mouse’s house bought Fox, home to the yellow family. The transmission deal involves a previously unreported annual payment of $105 million, sources close to the report revealed.

6. Brad Pitt – $100 million

In December, the perennial Hollywood heartthrob, producer and businessman sold most of his Plan B production company to European media conglomerate Mediawan for $300 million. Of that, they estimate that some $113 million went directly into Pitt’s account. His participation in the productions Bullet Train, Babylon and The Lost City brought him close to 30 million dollars, that is, almost a third of his income.

7. The Rolling Stones – 98 million

Another proof that classic rock is highly valued. Last year, the band fronted by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards raised $136 million and record royalties. The British rockers earned more than $8.5 million a night during their European Sixty tour. This means a total of approximately 98 million dollars for celebrating its 60th anniversary and singing its greatest hits in 15 cities in Europe.

8. James Cameron – $95 million

James Cameron returned to the top 10 after 12 years thanks to the success of “Avatar, The Way of Water,” which has grossed more than $2.1 billion since its December release to date. According to industry experts, his recent hit directly brought him at least 95 million dollars and made him the director of three of the highest-grossing films of all time: Avatar (2009), Titanic (1997) and the recent sequel.

9. Taylor Swift – 92 million

The 33-year-old star made the list for the sixth time. Taylor receives income from sales of physical records, streaming on platforms such as Spotify, digital downloads, licenses and royalties, among others. He got about 70% of the profits from him after re-recording and re-releasing his first productions. Swift’s sales represent 3% of the company’s revenue. Universal Music Grouphis record label.

10. Bad Bunny – 88 million

The urban artist of the moment is the only “newcomer” on the list and earned most of his millions with his shows. The Puerto Rican sold 400 million in tickets for his two tours: The Last World Tourin spring, and The World’s Hottest Tour. The latter closed with two dates in Mexico City, which turned into chaos due to a “system error” ticket master. It also had sponsorships from brands such as Crown, Cheetos and adidasamong other.

highest paid artists Bad Bunny Brad Pitt Genesis James Cameron The Simpson South Park Taylor Swift The Rolling Stones

Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift among the 10 highest-paid artists in the world in 2022: Forbes

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