Aretha Franklin’s sons locked in legal battle over


Aretha will battle drags on

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Aretha Franklin’s sons are locked in a legal battle over their late mother’s handwritten wills.

The Queen of Soul passed away in 2018 aged 76, without leaving a formal will, which would mean her sons would equally share her assets.

However, in 2019, a will was found in a cabinet, dated June 2010, which the late music legend’s third son, Ted White II, is arguing is the correct will and has him named as co-executor.

However, Kecalf Franklin and Edward Franklin, her second and fourth son, say a notebook discovered under a cushion, dated March 2014, with Kecalf as the co-executor is the correct one.

And he claims that means he should inherit the ‘Respect’ hitmaker’s $1.2 million mansion in Detroit.

On the second piece of paper, Ted’s name is crossed out as executor and Kecalf is in his place and therefore would inherit her home.

Both documents state that all four sons would equally benefit from the income from the late singer’s music royalties.

Kecalf claims it was not out of the ordinary for Franklin to carry out important tasks and even sleep “on the couch.”

Sabrina Owens, the niece who found the documents, added that “she would use the kitchen and living room – that was about it.

“So when I got to the sofa, I lifted up that far right cushion and there was three notebooks there.”

A Detroit court must now determine which of the two notes is Franklin’s final will.

Franklin’s accounts filed in March showed the estate had an income of $3.9m (£3m) over the past 12 months and spending including more than $900,000 (£700,000) in legal fees.

The ‘A Natural Woman’ singer’s entire assets – most of which is property and cash – are valued at $4.1 million.

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