New Briefs & Sync Requests, Music Needed for a Phone Commercial, Music Needed for a Film Scene, Bold Track Needed for a Finance App, Music Needed for a Period Drama & Latin Elements for Tech Brand!

Music for a Phone commercial

Our client is looking for a track for a campaign about their latest phone model.

The client is searching for glitch-pop and electronic music to use in their branding. The lyrics are not important, as long as they are clean, but the genre should be a good fit. They prefer music that is more mainstream rather than niche and intense. The track should have an upbeat and driving tempo which will set the pace for the video.

Reference: Charlie XCX – Claws

Deadline: 20th December 2023

Music for a film scene

This client would like a track for a scene in their upcoming film.

They are looking for post-breakup empowerment songs. The songs should have a tone that is either uplifting or vengeful and should feature a female lead vocalist. The lyrics should embody a smug attitude that describe moving on from a past relationship. Overall, the client is looking for a fun, memorable and relatable pop track.

Reference: Maisie Peters – Lost The Breakup

Deadline: 27th December 2023

Bold Track for Finance App

We are on the hunt for an instrumental track that makes you want to move and express yourself, something that screams confidence and swagger.

The music should bring plenty of energy to the visuals, a fun strong beat and catchy hook are essential. Although we want an edgy, unconventional sound, possibly in the hip-hop sphere, it shouldn’t be anything too dark and moody. It’s all about the positive vibes! 

Reference: Azealia Banks – Heavy Metal And Reflective 

Deadline: 27th November 2023 

Music for a Period Drama

Our client would like a track for an upcoming trailer for a period drama.

They are searching for modern adaptations of classical music, which could include classical covers of popular songs or compositions with classical instrumentation. The tracks should have a distinct 1800s feel but must also resonate with a 20th-century audience. It is important to note that all the tracks must be instrumental.

Reference: Max Richter – Spring 1

Deadline: 20th November 2023

Latin Elements for Tech Brand

Our tech client is seeking an exciting track for the next product launch campaign.

Tonally, the agency is drawn to upbeat, celebratory tracks with authentic Latin elements. Think of fun, multi-layered rhythmic sections and variations, plenty of dynamic twists and turns that work perfectly with fast moving visuals. Although genre requirements are open, something in the electronic sphere would tick the right boxes. Lyrics aren’t the focus of this search, although a repetitive, rememberable chorus is a welcomed. 

Reference: Disclosure – Tondo 

Deadline: 4th December 2023 


ASCAP Experience 2023 was a Smashing, Sold-out Success This Year

ASCAP Experience 2023 exceeded all expectations by selling out and providing valuable educational and networking opportunities to hundreds of attendees and panelists. The event provided a platform for music industry professionals to learn, exchange ideas, and share their passion for creating new music. ASCAP recognizes that their attendees and panelists are the driving force behind the success of the event and appreciates their contribution. The event left attendees inspired and excited to continue making music and pushing boundaries in the industry. ASCAP is committed to continuing to provide this annual experience for years to come, connecting music creators, industry leaders, and fans in an unforgettable way.

ASCAP Experience 2023 was jam-packed with:

  • Sound advice from A-list music creators
  • Insider info on social media best practices and how AI will impact the music world
  • One-of-a-kind performances by top songwriters
  • Opportunities to get feedback on your music from industry pros
  • A special celebration of 50 years of hip-hop
  • A special keynote conversation with Timbaland
  • Networking galore

ASCAP Experience 2023

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, held a one-day edition of their music creator conference, which brought together many famous songwriters, composers, producers, and musicians. The event was entirely dedicated to educating and empowering their ASCAP community and offering them essential tools and resources to grow their careers in the fast-paced music industry. Attendees participated in various insightful panels, seminars, and workshops that helped them to navigate the different stages of their music careers, from songwriting to copyright protection. The attendees also had the privilege to network, share, and learn from the industry’s best and meet like-minded creative individuals. With its commitment to excellence, ASCAP’s music creator conference proved to be a fruitful and impactful forum for music industry professionals and aspiring talents alike.


Times listed below are subject to change




The ASCAP Experience audience is made up of talented music creators from every genre imaginable, eager to learn more and turn their passion for music into a successful career. But “success” can mean many different things, and everyone takes a different road to get there. Our Hitmakers session offers practical advice and inspiration from respected music creators who have enjoyed major success recently. They’ll recount their unique journeys and what kinds of decisions they made to get where they are.  


  • James Fauntleroy – Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Musician (Bruno Mars, Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna)
  • Hitmaka – Artist/Producer/Songwriter (Lil Wayne, Tamar Braxton, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign)
  • Sarah Hudson – Songwriter/Vocal Producer (Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Illenium, Adam Lambert, Nicki Minaj)
  • Steph Jones – Songwriter (Sabrina Carpenter, Lotto, Kelsea Ballerini, Selena Gomez, Florence + The Machine)
  • Anna Waronker – Composer/Songwriter (that dog., YellowjacketsShrillJosie and the Pussycats, Lovelace a Rock Opera)  
  • MODERATOR: Kristin Robinson – Music Publishing Reporter, Billboard


Music is fundamentally a social form of art, so it makes sense that some of today’s most valuable tools for music creators are social media platforms, and apps that help you make the most of them. This panel will provide our members with actionable steps to expand their audience and get their music heard. We’ve partnered with some of ASCAP’s buzziest artists who have seen notable impact from their strategic use of social media platforms. These artists will share their unique stories of how they used digital and social strategies to grow their fanbases and build their careers.


  • Caroline Kimiko Jensen  Director of Digital Marketing, Atlantic Records
  • Alex Warren – Singer/Songwriter (“One More I Love You,” “Screaming Underwater,” “Chasing Shadows”)
  • MODERATOR: Maria Gironas – Founder of Cool Shit, Cool People; Global Chair, Diversity & Inclusion, Women In Music



Everybody’s talking about artificial intelligence these days. Some call it the future of everything, while others warn it’s the end of everything. Without a doubt, AI’s recent rise to prominence is opening up exciting creative possibilities for music creators. Yet it also brings up some very real concerns about how your music, your rights and your income will be impacted as AI becomes more widespread. This panel brings together knowledgeable experts from the creative, tech and business worlds for a state-of-the-union on AI in music. They’ll discuss how AI has the potential to change how music is made and consumed, as well as how ASCAP is addressing these evolving opportunities and challenges. You’ll also learn about tools to enhance your creative process, while making informed decisions to protect your intellectual property. This is a timely conversation you don’t want to miss.


  • Nick Lehman – Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, ASCAP
  • Rachel Lyske – CEO, DAACI
  • Lucas Cantor Santiago – Composer
  • MODERATOR: Jazz Tangcay – Senior Artisans Editor, Variety

2:45 PM | BREAK


There’s nothing like honest opinions from experienced music fanatics to help you tune up your songs. Want to know what the pros listen for when they’re evaluating music, lyrics and production? Find out at this unique, multi-genre feedback session featuring some of the most trusted songwriters and producers in the music business. They’ll listen to a limited number of songs, pre-submitted by ASCAP Experience registrants, in front of a live audience.

Submissions for our Live Song Feedback session closed on June 12.


  • Darrell Brown – Songwriter/Producer (Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, Neil Young, Dolly Parton, Ziggy Marley)
  • Theron “Neff-U” Feemster – Producer/Composer/Songwriter (Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, Sia)

4:15 PM | BREAK


Hip-hop has undergone monumental changes since DJ Kool Herc first extended an instrumental break into “five minutes of dance fury” at a Bronx block party in 1973. What started as an inner-city art form evolved into an unstoppable force that has made a major commercial and cultural impact on every region of the globe.  

In this one-of-a-kind session we honor hip-hop’s first 50 years by paying tribute to two of its pioneering practitioners: legendary rapper and songwriter Big Daddy Kane, and renowned DJ and producer Easy Mo Bee, whose beats have underpinned classic tracks by Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Busta Rhymes and many more. These two icons will recount how hip-hop shaped their lives and careers, and talk about what it means to be a part of a culture that has changed so much over the decades. You’ll hear the stories of some of their greatest musical triumphs, and find out what they think hip-hop’s next 50 years will look like. 


  • Big Daddy Kane – Songwriter/producer (“Ain’t No Half-Steppin,” “Smooth Operator,” “The Symphony,” “Warm It Up, Kane”) 
  • Easy Mo Bee – DJ/music producer (Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Miles Davis) 
  • MODERATOR: Datwon Thomas – Editor-in-Chief, Vibe Magazine

5:45 PM | BREAK


You can divide the history of R&B, hip-hop and pop production into two eras: pre-Timbaland and post-Timbaland. This sonic scientist has been expanding our minds for over 25 years with his futuristic beats and unerring ear for a hook. In the late ‘90s, Timbaland’s collaborations with Ginuwine, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott changed the sound of radio, building unearthly grooves out of strange sounds that propelled these incredible talents into superstardom. He charted new sonic territory in the 2000s with Justin Timberlake (“SexyBack”), OneRepublic (“Apologize”), Nelly Furtado (“Promiscuous”) and Madonna (“4 Minutes”), amassing a bulletproof canon of massive hits. In the years since, Timbaland has left his stamp on film/TV scoring, production music, book publishing and beyond. More recently, Timbaland united the world during the pandemic with VERZUZ, which brought us epic battles between many of music’s greatest names. And he’s paying it forward with his new platform BeatClub, an all-in-one solution for music creators. Don’t miss this in-depth conversation with one of the most innovative musical minds of our era. You’ll hear about the sounds that inspired Timbaland on his way to the top, and what inspires him to stay ahead of the curve today. 


  • Timbaland – Grammy-winning producer/CEO (Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, OneRepublic)
  • MODERATOR: Ray Daniels – CEO, RAYDAR; Host, The GAUDS Show podcast



It’s an annual tradition: we’re bringing together a killer lineup of songwriters from across the genre spectrum to play their hits in a supercharged “in-the-round” setting. They’ll tell the stories behind their best-loved songs, and play them like you’ve never heard them before. There’s a reason why we close out every ASCAP Experience with The Writers Jam – nothing could top the experience of a world-class songwriter performing an original song as the entire ASCAP community sings along.  


  • BUZZ – Artist/Producer/Songwriter (Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Bebe Rexha, Lady A) 
  • JT Harding – Songwriter (Darius Rucker, Uncle Kracker, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton) 
  • Joelle James – Singer/Songwriter (Ella Mai,  Saweetie, Tamar Braxton, JoJo)



Music in the Age of AI, Music for an Action Film, Music for a Food Delivery Service, Music for a Runway, Music for a Period Drama, Music for a Chocolate Commercial, Offering a grant of up to £3000, In Store Play at New Look, Oasis, Alexander McQueen, Jaguar, PureGym, Harrods, Costa, FatFace, Sunset Music!

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, the music industry faces both exciting opportunities and overwhelming challenges.

While it is true that emerging technologies like AI hold immense potential for revolutionizing the world of music, we must ensure that they don’t undermine the hard work and creativity of composers and songwriters. Recently, concerns have been raised that some applications of AI could actually devalue the contributions of human music creators, which is a troubling trend.

Fortunately, organizations like ASCAP have been vigilant in ensuring that new technologies are properly licensed in order to protect the rights of creators.

ASCAP’s leadership is deeply committed to putting people first, and their collaborative approach has already yielded initial policies that prioritize the needs of music creators. It is clear that we must keep pushing for more transparent, ethical ways of implementing AI that work in tandem with creators, rather than against them.

By partnering with organizations like ASCAP and contacting elected officials, we can ensure that we maintain a thriving, innovative music industry that values human agency and ingenuity.

Jukebox OpportunityIf you’re an aspiring musician, you’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to get your music heard.

We want to tell you about some exciting chances to get your music playing in some of the UK’s biggest and most stylish establishments.

Landing your music on in-store playlists can really make a huge difference to your career. By securing a broadcast placement, your music will be just a few clicks away from being played in up-scale locations like New Look, Oasis, Alexander McQueen, Jaguar, PureGym, Harrods, Costa, FatFace, and many more. Imagine the exposure your music can get with this kind of guaranteed airplay.

And it gets even better!

Your music has the potential to be heard by people in public places who can Shazam your tracks and discover your music even more.

This means a bigger audience and more exposure, which can lead to higher royalties for your music. If you’re interested to submit your music for consideration, simply fill up the submission form below and take the first step towards getting your music heard.

As diverse and unique musical needs are needed for projects ranging from a mouth-watering chocolate commercial, an exquisite period drama, a fashionable runway show, a reliable food delivery service, and a heart-pounding action film. Music is imperative when it comes to setting the right tone and mood for such projects, and I understand how crucial it is to have the perfect match for each of them.

We promise to relentlessly explore and search for the choicest and optimum music that will blend seamlessly with your creative ideas for each project. 

Sync Requests This Week

Music for an Action Film
This client would like to find a track suitable for a film set in Western America featuring marshals and mobsters.
The client is searching for a track to introduce the audience to a lawless town, where disputes are often settled by violence. Lyrics referring to the evils of money and greed are preferred by the client or keywords like criminal, outlaw and fugitive. The genre must also fit into the alternative country/rock categories.

Reference: Johnny Cash – Ain’t No Grave

Deadline: 13th November 2023

Music for a Food Delivery Service

The client is looking for a track for a food delivery service advertisement.

This client is looking for a track that is heavily focused on production, with a futuristic or experimental feel, falling within the electronic or pop music genre. The track should have a driving rhythm or any elements that emphasize speed. While lyrics are not essential, they should not be distracting and should blend seamlessly with the overall sound of the track.

Reference: Coi Leray – Players

Deadline: 20th November 2023

Music for a Runway

This client would like to find music suitable for a fashion show.

The client is searching for tracks that are modern, and experimental with a strut-worthy beat. Their style as a company is described as having an edgy, streetwise aesthetic and would like music that compliments this. The client is primarily interested in music within the electronic, rock, and hip-hop genres, although they are open to other options as well.

Reference: Gorillaz – Dare

Deadline: 6th November 2023

Music for a Period Drama

Our client would like a track for an upcoming trailer for a period drama.

They are searching for modern adaptations of classical music, which could include classical covers of popular songs or compositions with classical instrumentation. The tracks should have a distinct 1800s feel but must also resonate with a 20th-century audience. It is important to note that all the tracks must be instrumental.

Reference: Max Richter – Spring 1

Deadline: 20th November 2023

Music for a Chocolate Commercial
Our client would like to find a track fitting for a chocolate brand commercial.

The client is keen to find a similar rhythm, elegance, and timelessness such as the reference track below, with lyrics more relevant to their brand. This could range from lines about taste, pleasant experiences, or chocolate itself. Regarding the style of music, the client is open to various genres but prefers more minimalistic instrumental styles.

Reference: Laufey – From The Start

Deadline: 13th November 2023

Offering a grant of up to £3000, the Development Fund has been re-launched to support our artists who are looking to take the next step in their careers by developing their upcoming musical project or campaign through education, training or equipment.

Are you looking to upskill via a training programme or course? Perhaps you want to purchase or upgrade your production equipment or instruments?

Apply via the link below – applications close on 30th December 2023 at 23:59 GMT.