20 stream-ripping sites web-blocked in India

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By Chris Cooke | Published on Friday 20 January 2023


A court in India has issued a web-blocking injunction against 20 stream-ripping sites, ordering internet service providers in the country to block their customers from accessing the offending services. It follows legal action by local record industry trade group IMI and the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry.

Stream-ripping sites – services that allow people to download permanent copies of temporary streaming – have been the music industry’s top piracy gripe for some time, while web-blocking is the sector’s anti-piracy tactic of choice, where local courts will issue such injunctions.

IFPI notes that music piracy remains particularly high in India, with its research suggesting that 73% of internet users still access unlicensed and illegal sources of music online, more than double the global average. It adds that the 20 sites subject to the new web-blocking order issued by the Delhi High Court together “received nearly half a billion visits last year from users based in India”.

IFPI boss Frances Moore adds: “We welcome this decision and the strong message it sends to operators of stream-ripping sites, wherever they may be based, that we are prepared to take the appropriate action against them. These services make large amounts of money from music whilst paying nothing to those domestic and international artists that are creating it and the labels that are investing in the music of tomorrow”.

Meanwhile Blaise Fernandes, CEO of IMI, has also welcomed the extension of web-blocking to stream-ripping in India. “We welcome the Delhi High Court’s decision which will further strengthen the recorded music industry’s fight against digital music piracy”, he says. “Given that it’s the first time a website blocking order has been granted against stream ripping websites, this precedent is an important step in the right direction for the Indian recorded music industry”.

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